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When investigating the bookie, it was soon discovered that behind the brand and the gambling products sold under it is a group of entrepreneurs from Sweden, England and Germany, who already have industry experience with well-known betting providers.

Consequently, it can also come as no surprise that the Malta-licensed product is more than convincing.

Mobilebet test & review

Detailed Reviews of the betting provider Mobilebet

In this Reviews you will now find a detailed description of the experiences that our test editors have made with the betting provider Mobilebet in the individual test categories over the last few years.

1.) The Mobilebet betting odds

Actually, the first thing that strikes you when you visit an online sportsbook for the first time is the betting program and the selection of sports.

Due to the considerable length of the menu, in the case of Mobilebet, hopes are stoked with regard to the “total package”.

Consequently, the first point of the betting provider test is to clarify whether the offered betting odds can hold a candle to the first impression.

After all, the value of the betting variety would be considerably diminished if it were not accompanied by a corresponding price structure.

But the betting provider takes the first hurdle with flying colors: the odds calculation for the soccer three-way bet, which – across sports and bet types – is probably the most popular among the betting options offered, is based on an average odds key of 94-95%.

For offers on the highest German league, Mobilebet sometimes even retains less than 3% as an “expense allowance”. This is an almost uniquely low value in a betting provider comparison!

Of course, this generosity in terms of odds inevitably entails best odds offers, which are not to be found in short supply at Mobilebet.

Therefore, it is recommended to calculate the payout key or compare the odds with the competition in any case.

Unbeatable: Up to over 97% payout key for soccer betting offers!

This is all the more true as the betting provider’s offers, in order to be able to reach these top values, show a strong gradient not only from competition to competition, but also from event to event within a league.

If the top game is still calculated with a 97% payout ratio, the “blandest” game could “only” bring a return of 94% of the bets.

Mobilebet is also generous with the other “big” sports such as tennis, ice hockey, basketball and Formula 1, for which the payout level rarely slips below the 93% mark.

The nature of long term bets, on the other hand, is that a lower percentage of bets are returned as winnings. However, with almost 90% for the championship bets of the major European soccer leagues, the value is still considerable.

2.) The Mobilebet betting offer

Over 200 types of bets and over 12,000 betting markets on 30 sports – these are the key figures that Mobilebet’s Sportsbook stakes out every week.

This is a selection that does not have to hide from the competition in the industry.

It is large enough so that there is also room for marginal offers.

This applies both at the level of the sports, where with snooker, speedway, bandy and floorball – to name just a few – numerous “exotics” come into their own, as well as at the level of the betting markets, where with betting options, such as the following (found in the soccer betting), unusual state is made:

  • Win to nil (home team / visiting team)
  • Win after trailing (home team / visiting team)
  • HZ/Final score & Over/Under (example of a betting option: 1/x and over 2.5)
  • Penalty (Yes / No)

The differentiated view then shows that the focus is also on soccer at Mobilebet.

Especially the English soccer is widely represented, with about 10 (!!!) leagues and cup competitions. From Germany, the 3rd league is still included in the betting program.

Tennis, motor sports and basketball also play an important role at Mobilebet, and a small but fine selection of darts bets should not be missing either, of course.

3.) The Mobilebet Live Betting

The main focus in the sportsbook is of course also reflected in the Mobilebet live betting center.

To carry up to 40 betting options, even on less popular live events, is consequently a matter of course for the young bookie. When it comes to top-class sports, the 100 mark is sometimes cracked.

With around 200 sporting events from around 8 sports on an average weekday, there is hardly anything to complain about in terms of the selection that makes it into the live betting calendar.

However, the structure and presentation of the live betting takes some getting used to.

For example, the events displayed in the live betting calendar cannot be narrowed down by sport using a drop-down menu, but clicking on “Football”, for example, leads to an overview page that lists all the leagues and competitions listed in the Sportsbook.

There, you then have to narrow down by time period (start in 24 hours, 1 day, etc.) and select by tick. This is a somewhat time-consuming procedure, but of course serves the desired purpose.

On the other hand, it is positive that the events can be displayed in different ways, namely with the list of betting options, or also “Asian”, where the most important betting markets are displayed right in the event overview.

4.) Deposits to a Mobilebet betting account

In addition to purely content-related test categories, which shed more light on the Sportsbook, functional details also play a role, of course. These may not seem important right away at first glance, but they determine the comfort around placing bets.

In this context, aspects such as website usability, customer service and the general betting account functions are important and will receive closer attention in the next four points of the reviews.

At the beginning of the betting career there is – after the betting account opening – the deposit to the Mobilebet account, to which the current section is dedicated.

At Mobilebet, some positive points can be noted in this regard, but also a few negative ones. The range of deposit options is decent with credit card, instant transfer, Trustly, Giropay, Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard, but also not particularly diverse. Paypal, for example, was recently removed from the offer.

What also clouds the impression of the Mobilebet payment service is that fees are occasionally charged.

This applies in any case to the deposit with the PaysafeCard and the e-wallet Neteller. For funds transferred to the betting account in this way, 5 percent of the deposit amount is retained as an expense allowance.

This means that only deposits via Skrill, Sofortüberweisung and Trustly are free of charge in any case. This circumstance weighs quite heavily, as well as the quite low deposit limits.

Fees and low withdrawal limits: the negative aspects of Mobilebet payments weigh heavily!

On the other hand, the fact that all Mobilebet deposit methods are also available on mobile devices, i.e. on the mobile version of the website (, is a real positive aspect.

5.) Payout of betting winnings at Mobilebet

With the exception of Sofortüberweisung and PaysafeCard, all payment options that were previously used for depositing are also available for withdrawing betting winnings.

It is noticeable that money amounts always remain pending for at least 24 hours.

This is also true in connection with methods that are actually known for making funds actually available immediately. Mobilebet consequently grants itself a generous processing period, while the limits (minimum and maximum of the transferred amount) once again leave little room for maneuver.

At least the fee model for withdrawals of betting winnings at Mobilebet is somewhat better than that for deposits.

This provides that, regardless of the selected payment service provider, 2 withdrawals from the betting account within 30 days are free of charge, while for each additional withdrawal request in this period 5 euros are charged.

As with the deposits, all available methods are available both on mobile and on the full version of the website.

6.) The customer service of Mobilebet

If the betting odds and the betting offer are still the showpieces of the Mobilebet sportsbook, then, conversely, no state can be made with the Mobilebet customer service.

First of all, the rather limited service hours – contact persons are available at the live chat between 10 am and 9 pm Central European Time, at the e-mail service from 10:00 am to 10:30 pm – catch the eye.

In second place, it stands out that the bookmaker lacks one of the most important service channels, namely the telephone, with live chat, FAQ and e-mail form.

However, this is not a problem, since the chat at least offers the possibility to start a direct conversation.

However, in the course of the test, we found that no matter when we tried to call up the chat window within the mentioned service times, we were put off – namely with the note “The chat service is currently offline” and the reference to email and FAQ.

Of course, this leaves a bitter aftertaste for the betting customer, as he certainly feels he has been led around by the nose.

This is especially true since he is even emphatically asked to use the chat via an overlay at the bottom of the screen, only to be informed about the offline status in a pop-up afterwards. It is no consolation that at least the FAQ is quite well designed.

What still has its place within this test category and is able to slightly improve the result is the in-house customer loyalty program, the “Mobilebet Shop”. After all, it can be seen as a service to the customer to reward him regularly.

This is exactly what the Mobilebet store provides. Its currency is Mobilebet Points, which can be redeemed for bonuses and sweepstakes entries. But how do you collect these points to go shopping with them?

It’s simple: with every action in the betting account (logging in, depositing, betting, etc.) points are credited, which can be exchanged for performance.

7.) The website of Mobilebet

The website of Mobilebet relies on a rather harsh color concept.

The dominant colors are black (background) and neon green (buttons, occasional fonts and lines). Whether or not you like this combination is, of course, a matter of taste.

The fact is that such dark websites quickly cause fatigue.

In addition to this purely visual aspect, other points must also be taken into account when evaluating a website. These are mainly of a functional nature.

In this context, it can be said that orientation on the website is intuitive due to the good organization of the content, but longer loading times occasionally interfere with smooth navigation.

While the font is quite small – probably also for the sake of clarity – the betting account functions in the header of the page are given quite generous space.

This is a gross disproportion, and an improvement in readability would also be desirable.

After Mobilebet – with its brand name as well as its slogan “Win here and there and everywhere!” – is so obviously committed to the mobile trend, the relevant offer should also be brought into the spotlight at this point.

In fact, the creators have managed to create a mobile betting experience that is not only well-structured, but also fully functional without resorting to the desktop version.

This means that mobile users are not subject to any limitations:

Not only can the complete betting offer be used at, but a betting account can also be set up and verified, deposits and withdrawals can be made, and the generous welcome bonus can be accessed.

8.) The new customer bonus from Mobilebet

Mobilebet also earns some points for the overall test result in the test category “new customer bonus”. This follows the classic example of a deposit bonus.

So, if you want to benefit from the deposit bonus for new customers at Mobilebet, you have to make a deposit after opening the betting account. This is used as the basis for calculating the bonus amount. Mobilebet doubles the deposit amount up to a maximum of 100 euros.

To release the bonus, the deposit and bonus must be wagered 7 times. The user has 30 days to do this.

The minimum total odds must be 1.80 and the free bet loses validity for 30 days after receipt.

9.) Security: how reputable is Mobilebet?

Mobilebet keeps a very low profile when it comes to background information about the company.

Only so much is revealed that industry professionals are at work at the bookmaker. However, this can be seen from the sportsbook, which is far from being amateurish.

What counts is that Mobilebet not only attaches the highest importance to online security (content encryption via https protocol), but also that the bookmaker places its offers on a legally stable footing.

Thus, the bookmaker can point to a licensing in the EU, but also by the government of Curacao.

These aspects aside, Mobilebet itself also knows a few reasons why the youngster in the industry should be trusted:

The editors of the sports betting test are far more convinced by the “hard facts” than by advertising. Unfortunately, in view of the short presence on the sports betting market (founding year 2014), not too many of our own experiences can yet be put into the balance.

However, due to the all-around serious and solid impression that the bookmaker leaves behind, it can be given a good report card in this category as well!

For those who would still like to know more, the following article is recommended: How reputable is Mobilebet?

10.) Our experiences with the bookmaker Mobilebet

Interested readers can read about our experiences with the bookie in the Mobilebet experiences section. This is constantly updated, so that even the latest developments of the bookmaker are immediately brought to your attention!

Conclusion of the Mobilebet Reviews: The bookmaker Mobilebet achieves satisfactory results in all test categories and thus does not show any serious weaknesses. Especially with regard to the betting odds, the young bookie plays in the first league of the industry – a similarly high odds level is only maintained by a handful of competing providers.

2.8 rating

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