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We show here the extensively conducted Matchbook test. During this time, we were able to gather a lot of Matchbook experiences. These experiences helped us to come to an almost exclusively pleasing result. Everything that seemed important and significant to us, we have packed into the Matchbook Reviews. First of all, we can say that fraud can be ruled out at Matchbook.

There is a good reason that Matchbook’s offer is not overly well-known in the sports betting sector. Namely, German customers cannot register. And this is related to the German legislation. Matchbook is not a normal betting provider with a variety of sports, good odds and an interesting bonus. It is a so-called peer to peer system. This unquestionably offers many advantages, but what use is all this if German customers do not have access? If you want to understand the principle of Matchbook in more detail and already know a bit about it, everything will remind you strongly of Betfair.

Bonus offers & free bets

In the following report, everything worth knowing about Matchbook will be explained in more detail. To emphasize it directly: there is no Matchbook fraud or anything similar. The legislation is the reason why German customers are not allowed to wager money here.

In this section, it is usually pointed out that a new customer at a betting provider receives a reward for the first deposit. There may even be a chance to test everything without making your own deposit after successful registration. Unfortunately, with respect to Matchbook, no promotions can be reported. So, there is no knowledge of a Matchbook no deposit bonus either. Even if there were for the betting exchange, this would not be relevant for interested customers from Germany. Because they are not allowed to register with Matchbook. However, there is access to the website. And whoever visits this and clicks on the Promotions section will not get a bonus displayed anyway. So there is no increased deposit and no free bets. While nothing should be excluded, if nothing is announced, nothing can be described. Unless one is in Germany, registration would be possible. Even a German customer could register for Matchbook abroad and would not receive a bonus. However, even in the Matchbook Casino section, which is shown separately, nothing can be discovered under Promotions other than the indication that the famous slot Starburst can be played. Thus, no special promotion is advertised. Something like this, in short, doesn’t seem to be Matchbook’s strong point.

Usability, Look & Feel

Although customers from Germany cannot register for Matchbook’s offer, an impression of the website should be given at this point. It is about the design, the content and everything else that is important. After all, a German customer could be abroad and want to register for the Matchbook offer. Or you might use the site to gain information. Or you might want to be prepared in case Matchbook eventually returns to Germany, where the betting exchange present experience was available just a few years ago. The first hint has to be made in terms of language. The offer cannot be German-language under the current circumstances. It is English-language, this can not be changed. Apart from that, the site appears clearly arranged. On the left side, there are popular sports, a reference to the casino and all sports. According to observations, there are a dozen, plus politics (Politics). At the top there is a search function, below that the sections Casino, Live Casino, Promotions, Podcast, Insight and Apps (so you can visit Matchbook mobile) From all this a customer already notices that everything is kept simple at Matchbook. The most popular markets are displayed in the center of the screen or display. On the right, there is the betting slip, the settings, the frequently asked questions and the option to click on the live chat. In terms of color design, gray and white dominate, with red with white added, for example, in the Matchbook logo. Since a test from Germany is not possible, no further assessment can be made. For example, in terms of performance, whether customers can quickly understand and use the principle. This is by no means a matter of course for a peer to peer betting exchange. Unfortunately, for the aforementioned reason, no Matchbook test could be made from Germany.


Customers from Germany cannot register with Matchbook. You cannot initiate a deposit. And yet it is interesting to know with which means of payment can be paid. These are Visa and Mastercard credit cards, Paysafecard, as well as Skrill and Neteller. The Paysafecard can not be used for withdrawals, here comes the possibility of a normal transfer to a bank account. Fees are not required. Deposits are available directly, withdrawals are supposedly initiated within 6 hours. However, it is said that a posting to a credit card account can take up to five days. A note must be made regarding the transfer to an account. Because €500 is the minimum here and a fee of $35 is required. This is a lot and usually therefore the hint must be made that an alternative method is recommended. These alternatives seem to be free of charge at Matchbook. There is no direct indication, but 10 euros or a comparable currency should be the lowest amount for payment. Yes, the Euro is a currency that a Matchbook customer can set. A good dozen currencies could be used. The default setting is the British pound. The US dollar and the euro are the most commonly used alternatives. Even though no test could be done in this matter, it can be assumed that a payment with this provider is done in the same way as with other betting providers, whether real bookmakers or betting exchanges.

Customer service

It has already been mentioned elsewhere that there is a Matchbook live chat. This is, as they say, a click away. It is English-speaking, which is not surprising based on the facts available regarding Matchbook. However, if you click on the live chat icon from Germany, you can set that you want to chat in German. To all appearances, an automatic translation takes place. A Matchbook employee will be competent according to the available information. Live chat is known to have the advantage of not having to wait. Specific times when it is available or cannot be used are not known. A reference to a Matchbook mail address or to a telephone hotline of Matchbook do not exist. As befits a good sports betting provider, many questions are already answered on the Matchbook website. However, the questions and answers in general and in the FAQ section are of course only in English. By the way, if you are interested, you could also contact the Matchbook support from Germany. Whereby the question arises, which sense this makes, if the registration may not take place.

License & Security

In almost 99% of all cases, the license for a sports betting provider or for an online casino refers to Malta. Not so with Matchbook. This offer is operated with a license from Alderney. This is a channel island located off the French coast. Many UK betting providers, including those comparable to Matchbook, present such a license. So it does not have to be skeptical, but, as mentioned only several times, it is not relevant for German customers. They are not allowed at Matchbook. If they were, this license would be able to be considered serious. Further indications regarding the topic of security are the logos of Gambling Commission, Gamcare and Gamstop. The protection of minors is respected, youngsters under 18 would not be able to register at Matchbook, no matter from which country. Gambling addiction is also an issue in the account area, where customers can limit themselves. The fact that Matchbook has many interesting partners, for example from horse racing in England and in Ireland, should also not be concealed in this context. As well as the fact that the website is encrypted. Secure payment methods are available, as has been explained elsewhere. As a conclusion, the following remark should be allowed: If Matchbook did not adhere to existing laws, customers from Germany would be allowed.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

As has been voiced several times, in terms of rewards and loyalty program Matchbook is not relevant for customers from Germany. The registration cannot take place. Whereby nothing can be described in this direction anyway. Promotions there are, as mentioned elsewhere, none. One could perhaps point out that Matchbook’s own podcast is a special feature. This one is informative. The apps for the various operating systems are not available in Germany, although it is still possible to install an Android app. An affiliate program can lead to advantages. Namely, when one refers customers to Matchbook. The Insights section is worth a note. Here, there are previews and strategies for various sports, including horse racing, for example.

Matchbook sports betting

Betting markets

As already mentioned several times, Matchbook is a betting exchange. At least, that is the German description. In the field of sports betting, there are two keywords that you will not find in a normal betting provider. These are back and lay. An explanation follows on the Matchbook page. In simple words described one creates as a customer his odds, one holds these or one bets against other Matchbook could. Normal sports betting is also available, but much less than many other bookmakers on the Internet. Handicaps (and here especially the Asian Handicaps) can be bet. When it comes to sports, the following can be mentioned: American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Darts, ESport, Golf, Rugby, Football and Table Tennis. It goes without saying that in terms of soccer, Bundesliga matches are also a topic at Matchbook. Germany plays a de facto role, everything that is important can be found in this program in the sports section – international. So-called Current Events and Politics are additional offerings. And then there are the horse races with a strong focus on England and Ireland. More is basically possible in terms of markets.


With a normal provider for sports betting, customers look at the odds. Some research an official odds key. Above all one compares. It is always said that sometimes one bookmaker presents better odds and sometimes the other. With an offer like Matchbook’s, this issue must be considered differently. Because the odds can be made by the customers themselves. They are offered and depending on the demand, some kind of trading is done. This leads to the fact that Matchbook odds can be much better than those of a normal bookmaker on the Internet. And it is one of the reasons why Matchbook is not available in Germany. This is because such trading is not allowed in this country. The normal Matchbook odds are decent, sometimes better and sometimes not quite as good as the competition. So as expected. Attention is generally recommended with this topic. By the way, there is a Matchbook Cash Out. A bet placed could be terminated early. In this way, profits can be secured early and losses can be minimized or avoided.

Live betting and streaming

The keyword live betting is not found on the Matchbook website. This is due to the system with which Matchbook is operated. However, there is a comparable word which basically means the same thing. We are talking about In Play Betting. During a sporting event, special odds can be called. A comparison with normal live betting is nevertheless not recommended, it is not relevant for customers from Germany anyway for the reasons mentioned several times. Regarding the keyword streaming, no special note can be made at this point. There are no live broadcasts on the Matchbook website. However, a podcast is available. This is a special feature. It can also be listened to by interested Germans. It is available on the Matchbook website as well as at the known providers. Of course it is in English. Just like the previews of various sports, it is not an opportunity to attend a live sporting event.


The peer to peer betting system means that no special limits are set for the odds and for winnings. There are also no hints on the Matchbook website, for example in the Matchbook terms and conditions, regarding this topic. So: a Matchbook maximum profit is not available as specifications, which will be good news for interested customers. In the account area, however, a customer could limit himself. This is related to the problem of gambling addiction. Those who think they have problems with this issue set that no deposits or bets over a certain amount are possible in a given period of time.

Product Summary & Conclusion

The principle behind everything cannot be reconciled with the issue of tax on sports betting. As we all know, it is about 5% that every sports bet placed in Germany costs extra. Whereby it is actually a legislation for the bookmakers, however, they get the money from the customers. However, this does not work for a trade with odds. So there could be no matchbook betting tax. In other countries, such a tax is not an issue.

Additionally in this Matchbook review can be mentioned that there is Matchbook Casino with its own live casino. The program is as extensive as one is generally used to from casinos on the Internet. There are mainly slots, then so-called table games (especially roulette and blackjack), in addition, Matchbook is known for a large offer of video poker. Normal Matchbook poker is available in the live casino. Here there is the advantage that the limits for a game are given. A separate Matchbook Poker software is not an issue. Basically, it is also true here that German customers can not register. It is surprising that one does not get this directly displayed or read above in the terms and conditions of Matchbook. You only learn about it during the registration process, according to our experience. To make it short in terms of conclusion: Everything to the keyword Matchbook experiences & test 2021 was not convertible.


In terms of Matchbook Experiences & Test 2021, nothing is different from 2017, 2018 or now. It should come as no surprise that no Matchbook recommendation can be made at this point. This has nothing to do with the actual offer, but with the fact that customers from Germany cannot register. Perhaps this will change at some point. One can probably not assume that, the German legislation remains the problem here. The idea behind Matchbook can be appealing, although from an objective point of view, its reputation does not come close to Betfair. If you disregard the facts at hand, Matchbook is an interesting offer that offers too little in terms of bonuses. The casino is well equipped, in terms of sports there is everything that is important, whereby a connection to gallop racing can be quickly established. That can’t be said about many normal betting providers. The podcast and previews are advantages. Should Matchbook be available in Germany at some point, the website will definitely need to be translated.

2.8 rating

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