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One of the reasons why the online lottery provider Lottoland is so popular is the Jackpot Hunt function. With the jackpot hunt function, a ticket can be extended until the jackpot in the first prize category has been hit. This is fully automatic and this function can be used for all lotteries. However, this is not the only advantage that Lottoland offers. More information will follow in this Reviews.

The provider Lottoland

Lottoland is one of the most popular lottery providers on the Internet. The provider has a wide range of offers, impresses with reliable deposit and withdrawal modalities and an attractive new customer bonus, which is something to be proud of.

The website operator in this case is Lottoland Ltd., which is, so to speak, the intermediary to the company EU Lotto and to which it passes on the customers’ tips. In a way, Lotto Ltd. is the bookmaker and also has a license issued by the Gibraltar regulatory authorities. This confirms that the provider is reputable and that fraud can be ruled out at Lottoland.

The provider is guided by the winning odds of jackpots around the globe and offers this to its customers. If, for example, a tip is submitted to Lottoland for the 6 out of 49 lottery and it is won, the winnings are not distributed by the German Toto company, but by Lottoland itself.

Since Lottoland Ltd. is headquartered in Gibraltar, it is also possible to participate in foreign lotteries, such as the EuroMillions. In addition, of course, the classic draws of the Lotto 6 from 49, but also special draws of the Super 6 or the Game 77 are possible.

Players can also try to win the EuroJackpot. Other games such as Cash4Life, Powerball, Keno or MegaMillions are also offered. This clearly shows that the provider has a wide range of different lotteries. In the Lottoland check, however, something else stood out.

Because Lottoland also gives its players the chance to buy a few scratch cards and try their luck. So you can say that Lottoland is primarily about lotto, but other games can be played as well.

Even bingo games can be participated in. Unlike the 6 out of 49 draw, bingo is an instant lottery. This means that a lucky player can receive a prize there immediately.

The range of games is anything but small and because of the large offer, Lottoland experiences are consistently positive.

The advantages and disadvantages


  • Regulation with EU license from Gibraltar
  • Customer service can be reached conveniently via phone or contact form
  • Lottoland payouts are processed quickly
  • Besides lotteries also scratch cards to buy
  • Instant winnings, slot games and casino available
  • Additional features to maximize the chances of winning


  • Apple users can “only” use the mobile website

The clearly arranged provider platform is easy to use

The provider platform is clearly designed, so it does not result in any problems when you are looking for your favorite game. After all, the online offer of Lottoland is very extensive. In addition to the famous Eurojackpot and the classic 6 out of 49 lottery, a player can also play the EuroMillions. The American variant MegaMillions and Powerball round off the offer together with the Spanish Christmas lottery.

But not only the number of games can convince, because also continuing information about the winning odds are available to a potential Lottoland winner. In addition, the playing methods of the respective lotteries are also explained in detail for those players who are not yet so knowledgeable in the field. Furthermore, the Lottoland magazine always offers the latest news regarding the respective lotteries, whereby lotto systems are often discussed as well.

The app for Android devices deserves special attention. The app for Mac devices is currently not available, but this does not mean that Apple users cannot use Lottoland. Because instead of using the Lottoland app, they simply call up the Lottoland mobile website via their browser and play that way. So there is no need to download an app. Instead, the gaming fun can begin immediately for Apple users.

The Android app can be downloaded via the Lottoland website. It may be necessary to allow third-party apps. After installation, users will see a selection of different lotteries, the last drawn numbers of some lotteries and the contact details of the customer service, and in the upper left corner they will find the menu. With a click on the button, it opens and players have all available lotteries to choose from there.

They can also find their player account, balance and withdrawals there. In other words, the Lottoland app is very easy to use and even laymen should be able to use it without any problems.

The fact that Lottoland experiences are so good and that the provider has already been able to win over so many customers also has to do with the additional functions that are made possible for a potential Lottoland winner, among other things.

With the Win-o-Meter, the number of tips and the running times of a ticket can be used to calculate the amount of the winning probability of the respective ticket. For example: If six fields are filled in on a EuroJackpot ticket, the chance of winning is 25.7 percent according to the Win-o-Meter. Another attractive additional feature is the number protection, which offers its tipsters particularly lucrative chances, because in the event of a top prize, they do not have to split it among other players. Normally, two players who have reached win class 1 share the jackpot.

However, the Lottoland payout guarantees the full amount due to the number protection. This can be made possible by the provider, as it is a private lottery and the winnings do not come from the lottery company. For the number protection, you have to pay 50 cents more per betting field, but this pays off again in case of a possible jackpot win.

How players can benefit from bonuses

The account opening process is also a good Lottoland experience. As quickly as it was opened, a Lottoland account can be deleted. This can be done within a few minutes and is not a complicated undertaking. Account details do not even have to be provided for registration.

Players only need to provide the most necessary personal information, as shown in the image below. After that, the Lottoland login can take place. This login link is located in the upper right corner of the platform.

After logging in, the ticket can be paid either by direct debit, so that the money is debited directly from the player’s account. Furthermore, various e-wallets are also available for this purpose, so that a payment can also be realized via Skrill, NETELLER, PayPal or the Paysafecard.

Players can get a Lottoland voucher as a new customer and as an existing customer on the website to be able to bet for free at Lottoland. This voucher is valid for the following lotteries: 6 out of 49, MegaMillions,WorldMillions, EuroMillions, Powerball, EuroJackpot, Cash4Life. If you want to use this voucher, you can register with the provider via this website and then find the offer in the footer under Lottoland free.

The special promotions do not only consist of the Lottoland free tips. For example, players are lured with offers in which they play four betting fields, but only have to pay for one field. Or, for example, players can play three jackpots at once for a savings price of 11.49 euros.

For a long time, there was no special section for special promotions and discounts at Lottoland. This is now different. Not only that there is now a link in the footer of the website, but also that there are various bonus offers. It starts with the special promotion concerning the Powerball lottery. Participation brings namely a 6 out of 49 free betting field.

Certainly a solid offer. Also the invitation of friends is rewarded and namely a 10€ reward. So if you have friends who are not yet registered with Lottoland, but still want to play the lottery online, you should not miss this promotion. Participation in rather unknown, but by no means unattractive lotteries is also rewarded. If you decide to play the World Millions, US Powerball and EuroMillions lotteries for three betting fields, you will receive a 10% discount.

Eurojackpot is also part of the special promotions on Lottoland. Players get a 10% discount forever and, if they have a subscription, they don’t have to pay a fee for their ticket. Almost needless to mention, there is a corresponding discount code for each promotion. This discount code is presented on the provider’s website when website visitors click on the link with the text “Zum Spar – Abo”.

El Gordo

So, Lottoland offers numerous lotteries, but one game in particular stands out and has even gained international fame. It is about the Spanish Christmas lottery El Gordo. In Spain, it achieves very high viewer ratings, which is no wonder with a chance of winning of about 15%. But that is not the only high number. The value of the total winnings is also remarkably high, exceeding two billion euros. The fact that even the smaller prizes, the so-called “pedreas” can be quite lucrative, also has a positive effect on the attractiveness of the game.

If you would also like to participate in El Gordo, you should keep December 22 in mind. On that day is the drawing of the lottery numbers and if you want, you can watch this event on the net via a stream. The draw lasts a few hours and in comparison, the Saturday Lotto draw known here is very short.

Participation is very easy. On players can easily select the betting slip. Exactly select and do not fill. Because in this game, lot with a tip sheet number is selected. At this point, the chances of winning also come into play. Players have the choice of buying a ten-digit ticket or a hundred-digit ticket, for example. The probability of winning increases with the size of the ticket.

A five-digit ticket therefore has a higher probability of winning than a ten-digit ticket. By the way, even a stake of €4.99 can mean a win. Players can find out whether they have won by simply sending an e-mail.

The betting process

Of course, you would expect to be able to submit a tip via your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. This is also possible at Lottoland. But if you want, you can also use other channels to submit your bets. For example, via the fax machine. You simply fax your order, i.e. your tip, to the provider.

This is also possible by telephone between 10:00 and 22:00 from Monday to Friday and between 10:00 and 18:00 on Sunday. Who makes it over the cell phone, which can use also the SMS function for it, exactly the same as the E-Mail or postal by letter. Finally, you can even submit your tip in person at Lottoland’s office. Detailed information on the various order processes can be found on Lottoland’s website.

The news section
Sure, there are many websites that provide some tips for lottery players. Topics like “Which numbers are better not to pick” or “How to play lotto with system” are discussed there. Nothing against this information, but isn’t it good to get this info directly from an online lotto provider, like Lottoland for example?

On the website of the provider there is the news section. There you can get the practical information. By the way, also about the number protection, which is very practical if you have actually won the jackpot. If you have activated the number protection and win a jackpot, you do not have to share it. Of course, the number protection can only be activated once per number combination. Anything else would not be fair.

Fair, on the other hand, are the costs. Let’s assume you decide to play 6aus49 and activate the number protection for it. Then you pay between €0.50 and €1.75 per betting field.

Lottery syndicates – serious & simple

The reputable Lottoland gives the chance to participate in a lottery syndicate. By participating, a player’s chances increase and he has to pay attention to how many shares he buys. An example: A player joins a Lottoland lottery syndicate owning a total of 100 shares. From these shares he buys one share. If this lottery syndicate now wins 100€, the player receives one euro. Players can therefore benefit from such a lottery syndicate, because they increase their chances of winning many times over. On the other hand, they can also save money at the same time. This leads to the costs.

There is no flat price, because the price depends on the number of shares to be bought and their price. If a share costs one euro and a player buys two shares, he would have to pay a total of two euros. If he buys three shares, he would have to pay three euros, and so on.

If you want to join a Lottoland lottery syndicate, you can do so easily by selecting a syndicate on the provider’s website, deciding how many shares you want to buy and then specifying how long you want to play in the syndicate. Participation is therefore anything but complicated and is very quick. Another practical aspect is that players never have to remember when the closing date is, because they continue to participate in the games until their participation in the lottery syndicate ends.

More info about the provider

Who would have thought it? What used to be played at the kiosk is nowadays more and more often played online. Online Lotto is more than just an entertaining trend and it is hard to imagine the Internet without it.

In Germany, too, there are more and more enthusiastic players and Lottoland is particularly popular. 7 million players have registered with the provider. This figure proves that this is a high-quality provider.

The attraction is not only the various interesting lotteries, but possibly also the fact that Lottoland supports various charitable projects.

This is not only likeable, but also shows that the provider is concerned with more than just providing various online lotteries.

Players who know of an interesting project that they think needs support can contact Lottoland for this. So players can do something good as well.

Do the winnings have to be taxed?

Again and again, happy Lottoland winners ask whether they have to declare their winnings to the tax authorities and pay tax on them. Generally speaking, the lotto and also the online lotto belong to the field of gambling and thus winnings from these games are tax-free.

As always, however, there are a few restrictions. Suppose a player wins a million euros and decides to start his own business. Financing comes from the lottery winnings and the business gets off to a slow start. After a few months, however, the business makes a profit. These profits have to be taxed.

Benefit recipients also often wonder if they have to pay tax on a Lottoland win. To be sure, winners should declare this win and show transparency, whether and if so how this win will affect benefits is then decided by another person.

Please note that no advice is given at this point. Players who are unsure about the taxation of a win or its impact on other areas should consult an expert.

Lottoland Experience – Customer Service

Lottoland’s customer service consists of various channels. For example, there is the telephone contact or but the possibility to use the FAQ. However, there is one more help and that is the glossary.

Roughly speaking, the glossary is also part of the customer service. This is because it offers help to players who are not yet really familiar with the vocabulary of the game. This doesn’t only have to be newbies, even for experienced players it can sometimes be hard to stay up to date.

So if you can’t get to grips with the terms 256-bit SSL encryption, player passport, win – o – meter or additional game, the glossary is just the right place for you. These experiences show that Lottoland is reputable, because only if a provider is trustworthy, great importance is attached to customer service.

Player protection

Playing the lottery should first and foremost be fun, although you certainly won’t deny that a nice win is also something nice. Sometimes, however, the fun stops. To prevent this from happening at Lottoland, the provider has taken a few measures in the area of player protection, which involves cost control, for example.

In the player portal, the costs are displayed and players can even view their game history and in this way they get a transparent overview of their paid contributions.

Sometimes an overview of the costs incurred can be too little. In these cases, players can resort to harsher measures. For example, a temporary suspension of the player account is conceivable. It ensures that players cannot play for a period of 30 days, for example. In addition to the temporary player account deactivation, a complete blocking is also possible.

A third measure relates to a personal deposit limit. Players can therefore decide for themselves how much money they want to spend during a certain period of time.

Finally, a player can also request help from Lottoland. The contact can be made either by phone or by e-mail and afterwards a player can discuss with the provider’s staff. However, the provider also refers to the contact persons Playing with Responsibility and Gamble Aware on its website.

Lottoland gets a positive review

The provider impresses, among other things, with its Lottoland free tips and the ease of use when submitting the lottery tickets. This can be done within a few moments, which is why customers have positive Lottoland experiences. The most popular lotteries can be played, but international lotteries are not excluded.

In addition, Lottoland places great emphasis on security. This is because all Lottoland payouts are made by the provider itself, as is common practice with private lotteries.

In addition, the reputable provider is controlled by the British gambling supervisory authority, so that fraud can be ruled out at Lottoland. EMIRAT AG takes care of the definitive payment of high winnings, so that Lottoland winners of high jackpot sums actually get them paid out. EMIRAT AG also works for renowned German companies.

Overall, this Lottoland test gave a thoroughly positive impression of the provider, as it was able to convince with its overall package. Only a few weaknesses were noticed, so that this provider can be recommended if you want to enjoy an exciting lottery with valuable additional features for higher chances of winning than with the competition.

4.0 rating

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