10€ without deposit + 100% up to 500€ bonus + 20 free spins
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Since 2016, Lapalingo has stood for great entertainment, fair bonus promotions and a lot of gaming fun in Europe.

Even the first day is a pleasure, because as a new customer you are rewarded with a solid €10 no deposit bonus. But that’s not all by a long shot.

More top promotions follow, more than 2,000 top-class gaming options as well as a support that will immediately convince even the biggest skeptics.

The uniqueness promised by Lapalingo, our casino professionals can immediately sign. The slogan “Your online casino”, the company lives up to at all times with perfectly tailored offers. Little by little, the portfolio continues to develop.

And also in terms of player protection, there are many advantages, which we will go into more detail in the Reviews. Lapalingo is clearly a real insider tip in the industry.

Detailed Reviews of Lapalingo Casino

We have not heard too much about the operator Rabbit Entertainment Ltd, who founded Lapalingo a few years ago. However, the operators do not seem to be inexperienced at all. This is evident from the fact that a large number of renowned game developers have agreed to cooperate with Lapalingo.

Wherever the idea to found the new casino came from, it was obviously spot on. Thousands of players already appreciate the Lapalingo concept. What is so special about it, we will come to that in more detail later. The fact is that there were already more than enough good reasons for us to devote ourselves to the casino at first glance and finally tell our readers everything they need to know about Lapalingo.

United Remote Ltd. has made a name for itself worldwide and has always been well received by players. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that Lapalingo is particularly proud to be part of the renowned casino platform. Technologically and in terms of innovation, it is one of the pioneers in the online gaming industry.

1.) The odds

The odds of Lapalingo, of course, no one has simply thought up. The developers of the games are primarily responsible. How good that this house relies only on reputable companies that have been known for many years for their fairness.

How much money you win and when, but of course that also depends on several factors in Lapalingo Casino. Each slot machine and even the classics have their very own win rates. The payout rates are coordinated between the providers and the casino.

Strictest requirements have to be met anyway, because without this compliance Lapalingo would certainly not have been licensed by the MGA Malta. How strict the gambling authority is should have been known for a long time. Only fair companies have a chance to operate officially on the market. So you don’t have to worry about fair odds at all, but can sit back and relax on all games and let chance do the rest.

Winning hundreds of euros without having to make a big financial effort – that is exactly what Lapalingo offers you. Of course, the winning odds cannot all be listed. Each slot machine has its own values, but you can read them at any time.

Also, neither the casino nor the providers make a secret about the RTP, the theoretical payout rate. You can be just as successful as high rollers with a 10 euro deposit and maybe 20 cents bet per game round. Nevertheless, it is clear that a little more risk-taking always increases the chances of reaching the hoped-for goal faster. Whether you want to take this risk or not is up to you as a customer at Lapalingo Casino.

You definitely benefit from the fact that Lapalingo only relies on well-known and reputable developers. After all, they are responsible for setting the winning odds for certain combinations and bonus features. This also creates the most diverse opportunities for you time and again, from which you can quite easily profit.

It’s best not to just look at one or two slots at Lapalingo, but to take advantage of the entire potential that is offered to you at Lapalingo Casino. You are allowed to set the stake again and again. This way you will notice quite quickly which options and also games are most worthwhile for you personally.

Of course, the RTP of Lapalingo Casino slots is also quite variable. In total, however, you should easily get your money’s worth. Significantly easier is the definitive of the values that you can expect in the classic area.

Blackjack, for example, is one of the games that give you by far the greatest chances of winning. There, the RTP is usually settled at 97 to 98 percent, the odds are based on the original rules. Games like roulette or poker are similarly clear-cut.

The good thing about the slots at Lapalingo Casino is that you don’t have to search long for winning odds. A table is attached to each game. This can be opened with a click, so in the best case you can see which combos or even bonus features are particularly profitable before the first round. Of course, this can vary depending on the game.

These games at Lapalingo Casino are worth playing:

  • Dead or Alive 2
  • Dr. Fortuno
  • Magic Book
  • Football Superstar
  • Wild Pixies

If win tables, info pages on RTPs and the like do not answer your questions, you are welcome to ask Lapalingo customer support. As a rule, however, the contact is not necessary.

Even without help, you will quickly understand which games are most worthwhile for you – and not only in terms of Lapalingo odds, but also when it comes to the game theme, special features and possibly even the one or other jackpot.

Our team has specifically turned to the support to find out how transparent the Lapalingo Casino works. Answers to questions about odds and payout rates were not only provided to us quickly, but also in such a way that we could understand everything immediately. There were even detailed explanations on the topic, although these are usually superfluous.

2.) The game offer

At first glance, you are not offered that much choice here. The problem for newcomers is that first of all there seems to be only slots, live casino games, sports betting and live sports betting.

In the main category of slots, however, you will immediately notice that the portfolio is much more extensive. Around 2,000 games should be represented by now – including virtual table games like roulette, blackjack, poker and many other ways to sweeten your day, of course.

A clear plus point: Lapalingo, like more and more companies in the industry, works together with various developers. You can even find some brands here that you just don’t find on every corner. It is precisely them that make the range of games at Lapalingo Casino a particularly attractive one.

If you want, you can sort the Lapalingo games by categories. Even scratch cards and keno are available for you to choose from here among various other categories. Another option is to sort the games specifically by developer. For example, if you prefer the top titles from NetEnt, you can have them displayed directly without any effort. This saves the long search and thus ultimately a lot of time.

3.) The Live Casino

Real gambling is of course not forgotten at Lapalingo. The live casino even consists of two lobbies, behind which the experienced developers Evolution Gaming and NetEnt stand.

On the company’s product page, you can also learn everything you need to know about the most popular classics of all time – and how important it is to Lapalingo Live Casino to inspire you with the best possible technology, especially here. As in all live casinos, registration is also indispensable here. A customer account can be set up quickly, and with the account once filled, your favorite games can be tried out from as little as 10 cents.

The statements from the Lapalingo Casino team sound promising. In the full Reviews, we will show you how the Live Casino really concludes and whether your registration is worthwhile even if you prefer real gaming tables to virtual slot games.

In any case, we think you can’t go wrong with the live offer as a player. It is not possible to get started for free here either, but you can usually get by for a few hours on a small budget.

4.) Deposits and withdrawals to the customer account


If you want to play for real winnings in an online casino with real money, you can of course only do so if there is enough credit available. Therefore, it was all the more important for us to check Lapalingo with regard to the deposit methods offered and find out whether the transactions here really work as securely and quickly as the provider promises you.

Both in terms of speed and when it comes to the protection of money, we can praise Lapalingo. Depositing money here can be done in real time without any problems, and most of the payment methods will surely already be familiar to players.

Once you have registered and thus set up a personal customer account, nothing stands in the way of depositing at Lapalingo. It is already possible from 10 euros with the methods mentioned below. The casino allows a maximum of 5,000 euros per transaction. Fees are usually not incurred, although the operators of course have no influence on something like credit interest and the like.

One’s own taste is decisive here. Lapalingo basically does not put any obstacles in one’s way and thus allows customers to focus entirely on their personal preferences in terms of deposits and withdrawals. Fortunately, players are also spared waiting times at Lapalingo Online.

There are a few more options to be found on the info page on the topic of Lapalingo Casino payment methods. However, these are not necessarily aimed at players from Germany, but rather the provider is concerned with informing all other customers as well. After all, Lapalingo is now active throughout Europe.

A few payment methods are only conditionally suitable for entry, as the operators explain. This is related to the bonus claim. Thus, if the choice falls, for example, on certain online wallets, you as a player must sometimes do without the starting balance – a disadvantage that does not greatly affect the fun factor if the right decision is made.


If you win, you can also look forward to a fast and, above all, reliable payout of your winnings at Lapalingo. Of course, there are some requirements for this. In particular, the bonus conditions have to be fulfilled, which we will go into a little more detail about later.

If you have mastered this step and have accumulated a balance of at least €10, nothing stands in the way of the Lapalingo winnings payout. The good rating of Lapalingo Casino is mainly due to the fact that there are no upper limits.

Sure, you could criticize the fee, but in the end it is basically only 1€ – and every winner can easily get over that.

This is how winnings withdrawals work at Lapalingo Casino:

  • Bank transfer
  • Trustly
  • EcoPayz
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Once again, we have to praise Lapalingo for its transparency. There is detailed information on all payment methods, which is guaranteed to make your decision a little easier.

If you prefer a certain option, then it is important to use it already when depositing. If, on the other hand, you have chosen a method such as Paysafecard, Lapalingo will automatically transfer your winnings to your checking account as soon as you make the corresponding request.

By the way, the processing times are also exemplary. Even the transaction via standard transfer takes a maximum of three business days here, you wait one to two days if your choice falls on EcoPayz, Neteller or Skrill as well as Trustly.

5.) The customer service

As a test editorial team, we are of course not only looking for the advantages of online providers, but also uncover weak points. At Lapalingo, the customer service unfortunately does not perform optimally. The service hours range from 9 am to 11 pm, so they are quite pleasant.

However, there is no hotline yet, which is certainly a disadvantage for many players. The good news is that if you want to talk to the experienced, friendly and knowledgeable Lapalingo team, you can easily do so via live chat during the specified hours.

It is also possible to contact them via email, although you should be prepared for longer waiting times here. The third option is a contact form. There you enter all the fields and then explain directly to the support what concern you have.

How to reach the Lapalingo support

  • Phone: As already mentioned, there is sometimes no hotline. But that does not matter, because you are offered enough alternatives at Lapalingo, which work just as well and effectively.
  • Email: If you have a question or want to send customer support your documents for account verification, you can do so at any time. The email address is Alternatively, simply fill out the contact form on the Lapalingo website.
  • Live Chat: Live chat is also available during the mentioned service hours. Simply enter your name, ask a question and wait for an answer. This usually takes no longer than a few minutes. The advantage is that you will be attended to for as long as you wish. As soon as all your questions have been answered, the staff will move on to the next players.

Competence we can sign to the customer service of Lapalingo in every respect. In addition to the detailed FAQ page, there is the “Knowledge” section, which you should definitely take a look at. This way, you can easily prepare for your first steps at Lapalingo even without personal contact with the support.

6.) The website

Pragmatic is probably the attribute that best applies to the website of Lapalingo. Of course, the preview images of the games offered here are just as colorful as in all other online providers. Nevertheless, they have apparently consciously decided against a particularly colorful design.

The operators, on the other hand, focus on simplicity, which makes it easy for you to search specifically for game sections, products, bonus offers and important information. Thus, there is nothing to criticize about the menu navigation of the Lapalingo website in this respect. Nevertheless, we would like to see the creators bring a little more color into the game – and we mean that just as we say.

There is a direct access for all relevant areas, which you will find at the top left of the page. For example, here you can immediately contact customer support, open the FAQ page, look for help when questions arise or find out about payment methods. After logging in, you will have everything in view at Lapalingo regarding your personal information – including account balance and bonus turnover.

You can make a deposit here in just a few steps, and of course you can complete your profile at any time. After all, some details are only required by the company when it comes time to cash out your winnings for the first time. Once you have taken a look around here, you can continue directly with said products.

Slots and sports betting are clearly defined. Under the links you get a first taste of the games that are offered in total. You can also see very well here which players have recently won.

If you want to go deeper and learn more about the licenses, data protection and the like, you only need to scroll to the bottom of the page. You could hardly ask for more of an overview from an online provider, as our experienced testers know.

7.) The casino app

Nowadays, no one has to sit at home to play in good online casinos. Lapalingo is of course no exception in this point. Rather, the operators have decided to cover as large a target group as possible, even on mobile.

If you fancy several hundred games for your pocket, then the Lapalingo app is just perfect for you. There is one for Android as well. Whether you use a tablet or smartphone to play at Lapalingo Mobile, it doesn’t matter.

The only important thing is to decide either for or against the download. There is also a third option: Lapalingo with HTML5. This option is made for all those who do not use Android devices, but who swear by Iphone, Windows Phone, Blackberry or the like.

The advantage of the mobile Lapalingo site is that you are offered much more choice. Unlike Lapalingo for Android app, the site is built in such a way that it always updates automatically. A special Lapalingo iOS app does not exist yet. So if new games come into the portfolio, you do not have to laboriously update yourself first. The only important thing is that the browser can read HTML5 – which is actually common today.

If you opt for the native Lapalingo apps, you can choose between a significantly smaller selection of games. However, the performance is better in return. The connection does not have to be a marvel of technology to meet the standards of the mobile casino. However, if you live in a poorly developed area, the Lapalingo app download makes sense.

This can be done via Google Play – depending on which device is used to play at Lapalingo Mobile. The app as such is of course free for players and updates are also provided to all users on a regular basis.

If you are already a Lapalingo Casino customer, you can log in at any time with your existing login data and start playing right away.

Lapalingo Casino is mobile usable on the following devices:

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • HTC, Sony, LG and Huawei
  • Windows Phone and more

Especially sections like Scratch Cards are worthwhile on the go, because they are entertaining and therefore made for the lunch break, the waiting room of your doctor or wherever you just feel like excitement and thrill.

8.) The new customer bonus

If you have just registered at Lapalingo Casino, then it is immediately possible to make a deposit from 10 euros and secure the starting balance. Your amount will be automatically doubled here – and even up to 400 euros! In addition to the real money bonus, Lapalingo also offers 20 free spins for the bonus slot Book of Dead. Both offers are tied to a transaction, but can still be called fair.

The good news beforehand: It doesn’t matter at all which payment method you choose at this casino. As soon as you have entered the bonus code “BOOK18”, the Lapalingo welcome package of bonus money and free spins will be credited to you immediately and you can start playing your favorite games.

The bonus amount and your own money must be played through 35 times before a withdrawal is possible. The special feature at Lapalingo: the bonus balance as such is also converted into real money and is ready to be credited to your checking account, e-wallet or a credit card. However, free spins winnings have to be wagered 70 times. This may sound like a hard piece of work, but it is quite easily solvable, as we know from experience.

By the way, registering at Lapalingo is worthwhile several times over. The team of experienced operators always comes up with new bonus highlights and promotions for you. You will benefit from this in the long run, which makes the membership in the Lapalingo community even more attractive.

9.) Security: how reputable is Lapalingo Casino?

As a player, you probably primarily pay attention to the fact that you are offered good games, exciting bonus offers and entertaining promotions. For our part, we first wanted to know how exactly Lapalingo Casino takes it with player protection and the associated security.

There is no question that we are dealing with a reputable company here. After all, a casino has to achieve quite a bit in order to be licensed by the MGA Malta. In addition, the operators are right up front when it comes to responsibility. Your data is transmitted here just as encrypted as transactions. All payment methods can be classified as reliable and secure.

The founders of Lapalingo are well aware that gambling always poses certain dangers. In order to protect you as best as possible, you are offered various methods here – including self-locking, but also setting up loss limits and deposit limits.

If nothing helps at all, the experienced team at Lapalingo intervenes courageously and makes sure that no one plays beyond their means. After all, the casino is supposed to be fun and not turn into the opposite at some point.

Almost more important than that is the protection of minors for the company. To ensure that only adults play at Lapalingo Casino, there are various precautions here. These seem to work quite well, because at the latest when a winnings payout is planned, it would be noticed anyway if a player does not meet the conditions for participating in the games.

In order to give you a sense of security at all times, the casino points out several times that data is transmitted exclusively in SSL encrypted form. So, in fact, you do not have to worry about the possibility of third-party access to your personal information.

This is virtually impossible thanks to the latest technologies. The payment transactions at Lapalingo are similarly reliable. Transactions are carried out only with methods that have proven themselves for many years. Which payment method is really good, we inform in detail at

Especially when it comes to cooperation with well-known brands, Lapalingo factually does not have to hide behind its competitors on the market. The portfolio is high-quality and versatile. The welcome bonus is just as convincing, because the turnover requirements can be met not only with slot machines, but even with the Lapalingo live tables and the like. If you love classic entertainment, this is definitely the right place to be.

It is also a fact that there is only one Lapalingo welcome bonus so far. We would like to see a few more promotions and especially a VIP program in the future. Until then, all that remains is for you to concentrate on the essentials and enjoy every moment at Lapalingo Casino. Of course, you can do that without any wagering risk at all. It is up to you what you make of the opportunities that are offered to you here.

In fact, even more excitement comes in playing for real winnings. Should any questions arise, you can of course rely on the reliable and knowledgeable support. German-speaking employees are sparse here, but there is definitely no lack of accessible communication.

10.) Our experience with Lapalingo

The operators are obviously convinced of themselves and their offer. They promise guests a huge selection of games of all kinds, as well as the possibility to play for free whenever you feel like it. There is hardly a game that is left out here. From live gaming to slots to the also very popular sports betting, Lapalingo delivers everything a player’s heart desires.

The more than 2,000 options that are open to customers at any time for free. This is also certainly a plus point that will be of burning interest to newcomers. No one is forced to deposit – another fact that speaks for the seriousness of Lapalingo Online.

We can only confirm the information provided on the Lapalingo website, because both in terms of selection and quality, Lapalingo effortlessly manages to convince players – even those who have particularly high expectations. The team is willing to use any means to inspire customers in the long run. For this purpose, not only top games are included in the portfolio, behind which well-known and popular developers speak.

The operators are also very creative when it comes to promotions. So you don’t have to fear boredom here any more than with the significantly older and more experienced competitors in the industry. Our Lapalingo Casino experiences were very positive. These refer not least to the customer service, which is here to help players with words and deeds. The qualified team obviously doesn’t let anything get them down. We also have to praise Lapalingo for this.

Experience shows that good online casinos do everything they can to offer as little surface for attack as possible. This is definitely the case with Lapalingo, although one could argue about the lack of a hotline. Meanwhile, there are very few players who would even use this option anyway. After all, the live chat is much more convenient, and what’s more, you’ll get exactly the answers you need within minutes to make things run smoothly.

This speaks in favor of Lapalingo Casino:

  • No download necessary
  • Huge game offer
  • Exciting offers and promotions
  • Bonus can be cashed out
  • 500€ starting credit + 20 Free Spins
  • Licenses in Malta
  • Super simple menu navigation

You have probably also experienced quite a few casinos in Germany and gathered your very own experiences. Most companies rely on an innovative website, which is particularly well accentuated by a colorful design and clear details. Of course, Lapalingo has not done without the information. However, the decision here was made for a rather plain and simple look.

When we gather experience in a casino – and especially with such young providers – our focus is of course always on security. This plays the biggest role for customers, because the best games are of no use without a reliable gaming environment with solid odds, fair payout rates and the protection of your personal information.

It goes without saying that sensitive data is transmitted SSL encrypted. Lapalingo in particular attaches great importance to keeping your information confidential. This applies on the one hand to your name, address and the like, but on the other hand of course especially when it comes to account information.

We have gathered a lot of experience in the meantime, and we can’t name anything in the end that we noticed negatively in any way. Basically, it still makes sense to simply sign up – or just take a look at Lapalingo without obligation – and gather your own experiences.

This is possible here just as free of charge as in all other reputable online casinos that we present to you on Of course, you could now complain that there is no 24/7 support. However, this is usually not necessary anyway, since the games are just as self-explanatory as bonus offers, registration and payment methods.

You play in a consistently safe environment and can blindly trust that both the winning odds and the payout rates of the games at Lapalingo are fair. On the subject of bonuses, as usual, opinions differ. We have had positive experiences with the offer, but not every new customer is willing to commit to conditions. If you belong to this group, you can gladly do without the offer and devote yourself to your favorite games without any requirements.

5.0 rating

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