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Here we show you our detailed Jetbull test. In the course of this, we were able to gather helpful Jetbull experiences and came to an almost entirely positive result. In this Jetbull test we have packed all relevant facts and tips. The test also showed us that fraud is not an issue at Jetbull.

Jetbull advertises that here the passion for sports and casino can be laid out. Unfortunately, this does not apply to German customers, because they are not allowed. However, the website is available in German. And the use of this language can at least convince to some extent. A bonus can also be reported. 100% up to an amount of 100 euros Jetbull offers. The program consists of allegedly unlimited betting on all sports. Over 25,000 events belong to the live betting. How all this can be evaluated is the topic of this Jetbull test. From the website to the bonus, to the payments and customer service, as well as the license and the topic of security, it goes in the first section. The second section focuses on Jetbull sports betting, starting with the markets, followed by the odds, live betting, streaming and limits.

Bonus offers & free bets

Those who are new to Jetbull and do not want to place their sports bets from Germany can look forward to a bonus of up to 100 euros. It is about 100% up to the amount mentioned. All this is not unusual. Eligible is one if you deposit at least 10 euros. 1.7 is the minimum quota for the conversion. One is allowed to bet a maximum of 50 euros per bet and this is not on horse racing, greyhounds and outrights. Whatever the latter may be. Here already shows a small weakness, because the translation of the conditions is not quite successful. The offer must be implemented 10 times. The user has 60 days, which is generous. It is a little surprising that this bonus is explicitly not intended for customers from different countries, but Germany is not mentioned. Nevertheless, a German customer can not register with Jetbull. Under promotions and here in the sports section there are some more. For example, on Wednesday particularly good odds and on Friday free 10 euros. But that is topic in another section.

Usability, Look & Feel

The first impression of the Jetbull website with the headline “Passion for Sports and Casino” is that it is made available in German. The design is dark in terms of background, but there are many eye-catching graphics. However, these mostly belong to Jetbull Casino. This may be due to the fact that for the sports betting section, a customer from Germany is not allowed to register. The alternatives to the German language are English and Russian. Above are the individual areas of the offer. In addition to Home, these are the casino, the sports section, e-sports, promotions and Jetbull’s own blog. However, this is only available in English and offers casino tips (Jetbull reviews for various games), a betting guide. It is about Jetbull Asian Handicaps, how to make a profit with sports betting and so on. Unfortunately, only in English language according to the observations. As mentioned, various graphics follow, and these are games from Jetbull Casino that can be played either for real (that is, for money) or just for fun. In sports betting, the most popular events are listed with their odds. Below that, you could view live events, more events, soccer betting, tennis betting, basketball betting and e-sports betting. In other words, it’s filtered. Below that, it’s back to the casino and Jetbull live casino. And a little further down could be a sign-up for the Jetbull newsletter. The independent areas are then listed with various keywords and there are logos for special topics. You can’t help but get the impression that the casino is of greater importance. And that has little to do with the fact that German customers cannot register for the sports betting. In this section there is another search function, answers to frequently asked questions and special sports promotions. On the left, popular events and all sports are listed, in the middle there are the popular events with current odds whereby again can be filtered. And on the right is the betting slip.


In this test, the payment methods of the provider must be a topic. Jetbull offers de facto all major payment options. One has the option to deposit with credit cards such as Visa Card, Mastercard or Diners Club, but can also choose deposit methods such as Skrill, Neteller, Euteller, Trustly, Webmoney and the Paysafecard. Likewise, the classic bank transfer is allowed as a payment method. Using PayPal at Jetbull is not possible. However, with the large selection of payment methods, this should not bother you. There are no fees for any payments. The deposit, which must be made at least, is 10 euros. Withdrawals are possible with Skrill, Neteller, a credit card or by bank transfer. The first payout of a month is free of charge. For further withdrawals, a fee of one percent of the withdrawal amount is charged. Which is not ideal, but does not have to interest customers from Germany as mentioned. Jetbull belongs to the group of betting providers that present a clear list of available payment methods that is just a click away. Lower and upper limits are indicated. However, the Astropaycard option, which has not been mentioned yet, has limits that seem a bit unusual. Namely, they are 1 cent to 2147483647 euros. And this is no joke. When it comes to withdrawing money, this overview is not possible. An error message in English follows after a click. This indicates that the user is not logged in. As a general rule, it can be stated that fewer methods are available than for the deposit. Fees are not announced and the limits do not seem unusual. Once aside from the issue that German customers are not allowed, the variety is fine. In terms of fees, there is also no reason for complaint, but some things seem incorrect.

Customer service

A German-language website with German-language descriptions suggests that there is Jetbull support in German. Under Contact, unfortunately, the impression is not quite as positive. Suddenly, it is no longer “frequently asked questions”, but rather “Frequently Asked Questions” under the heading Customer Service. A Jetbull e-mail support is announced in English. And the live chat, which works from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, is also announced in English. Even those who open it will find only English details. And if contact is made, it can be assumed that it must be in English. Although this could be excused, since Jetbull does not accept German customers for sports betting, but then the website should not be in German.

License & Security

Jetbull is an offer that unsurprisingly operates with a license from Malta. This was issued for the first time in August 2018. This makes Jetbull a fairly new provider on the market. And this one has the usual guidelines in terms of cookies, privacy and responsible gambling. Presented are secure payment methods and for the most part German language regulations in the areas of sports, bonuses and casino. Betroffenenrechte is an unusual title found on the website. There are logos of BeGambleAware, GamCare and GamStop. Gambling addiction and a support service for those affected are thus observed. Every visitor is called upon to play responsibly (in English) in connection with the fact that young people under 18 are not allowed to register. The partnerships with software developers at Jetbull Casino are also worth a note. The general impression regarding license and security is positive. When researching this offer, one statement stood out that is surprising. The Jetbull Casino has allegedly been around since 2009. Whether this is correct information or a mistake could not be verified.

Bonuses & Loyalty Program

Free Bets are possible at Jetbull. While none have been announced under promotions at the time of this Jetbull review. But the Terms & Conditions can be found on the website. Although no content was available. Perhaps this was again because German customers are not allowed to place sports bets at Jetbull. Under promotions it says that in the area of sports betting not available to German customers on every Monday 20% sports bonus up to 20 euros is possible. On Tuesday it is about 30% bonus for the casino. On Wednesday, the odds are increased for sports betting. On Thursday, it’s the casino’s turn again and you deposit 25 euros to spin a wheel of fortune. A free bet of 10 euros beckons on Friday. On Saturday there is a happy hour. And on Sunday you pay in 30 euros or more to enjoy ten so-called Super Spins at Jetbull Casino. The translations are not always successful, however, the promotions can please, although the restriction for German customers remains.

Jetbull sports betting

Betting markets

So, the sports section and the separate e-sports section are not available for betting for German customers. However, they can be opened and thus visited. So you know that 30 and also more sports can be expected at Jetbull. Whereby, however, various e-sports events can also be found in this list. That is headed by soccer, otherwise presents sports like Gaelic soccer and hurling, to name two of several possible unusual sports. How many options are currently available is shown by Jetbull, which is a plus. Popular events can be clearly displayed in the center of the screen. This can be good to like. The separate area for electronic sports does not present itself convincingly in this test, because no information was available at all. It was not possible to find out whether this was a coincidence or the standard.


Once apart from the fact that Jetbull is not available in Germany, the odds can be compared with those of the competition. It is interesting to see if a bet would be worthwhile if it were possible. The key has been researched to be 93%. This is an average value, nothing more. It does not mean that Jetbull presents weaker odds than the competitors, but they are rarely better either. Most of the time, there is hardly any difference. So you probably miss little as a bettor from Germany. Of course, as with comparable offers, there are differences between the individual sports. And even within these sports, the odds are not always the same. When looking at soccer, for example, there is a difference between the top league in Germany, the top league in Vietnam and the Champions League. And in Jetbull live betting, the odds are constantly changing anyway. It can be assumed that the key is lower than previously named. A tax on sports betting can not play a role at Jetbull, because this is the German law with 5% in tax. It applies only to sports betting suspended by Germany. If German bettors were allowed, the tax would likely have to be a surcharge on the stake or a deduction from a win. Anything else would be surprising.

Live betting and streaming

Jetbull live betting can be visited, without prior registration. However, there is no standalone section. Under sports, the center of the screen will display everything that is going on live. Soccer will play the most important role, but Jetbull is also focusing more and more on e-sports. There are even video streams for this. What is meant here is not a graphic presentation, but instead, for example, you can see the FIFA game or another game as the players play it. This makes it possible to react live if there is interest. A certain variety in the individual sports can be seen. Unsurprisingly, the most on offer in terms of betting options is soccer. This is followed by tennis, basketball and ice hockey. So the program is decent, but whether you really miss something as a German bettor, everyone must decide for themselves after a look at the Jetbull website.


Jetbull limits do exist and they are average. A maximum win is capped at 25,000 euros per sports bet. While other bookmakers grant a limit per week or per day, the limit per bet is unusual and objectively not ideal. On the other hand, you can book several sports bets with a profit of 25,000 euros and would have no disadvantages. Such a bettor everyone would like to be… Basically, this all fits even for the group of high rollers. Jetbull grants its customers the right to limit the stakes without any limit. Bets can be placed from an amount of 25 cents, sometimes even from 1 euro. This is all perfectly fine. Just like the upper and lower limits for payments, which Jetbull sets less than the actual means of payment. You can limit yourself in terms of gambling addiction in the account area. So provided that a prior registration may take place. Germans do not have this option as mentioned.

Product summary & conclusion

Once disregarding the fact that Jetbull cannot be used by German bettors for sports betting, the offer is at least okay. The German language is used, although not perfectly. There is a program that is up to standard with reasonable odds. This does not necessarily tempt to register, as well as the well-known bonus. But if Jetbull were available in Germany, bettors from Germany would certainly register. The livestreams from e-sports are a plus. And in terms of limits, Jetbull also takes a pleasant approach in comparison. Thus, this offer should be kept in mind, maybe the current situation will change. Whereas in such a case, it would be questionable whether Jetbull would be so different from competitors already active on the market for a longer time that every interested bettor would register. A bonus without prior deposit would be a good way. But that’s not what Jetbull is generally known for, according to observations. At least some content of the program could lead German bettors to register. But this is just a conjecture. Directly to a market leader this bookmaker would hardly become. Possibly, however, to an alternative.


The question arises whether it is negative that you are not allowed to register with Jetbull as an interested bettor from Germany. Once disregarded that with a search in the Internet references took place that allegedly since short the registration of Germans may take place. This was not the case in this Jetbull test. However, the impression is fairly positive, even if there is room for improvement. Other things are pleasing without standing out too much from the competition. At least in e-sports due to the transmitted videos, the comparatively young Jetbull collects plus points. It can be mentioned that Jetbull Casino pleases. There is a wide variety (almost 4000 games from many well-known developers were researched – a truly remarkable number that makes this area interesting) and interesting promotions. There is no information whether the registration may be done from Germany. By the way, there is 300 euro bonus for the first deposit. The money must be converted 40 times within 30 days with the Jetbull Casino slots. This is not unusual. However, there is an additional 200 free spins when using the existing Jetbull Casino app. This could be an incentive.

Jetbull Details

3.3 rating

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