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250€ + 120 bonus games
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Dunder is one of the newcomers of 2016, which has managed to make a name for itself in Europe within a short time. The main reason for this is the mobile gaming sector.

Hardly any other company focuses as much on smartphone and tablet gaming fun as Dunder. A unique selling point like this is reason enough for us to take a closer look at the casino.

The operator MT Secure Ltd. brings plenty of experience to the table. So despite its youthfulness, Dunder is a casino that knows how to shine with know-how, reliability and a maximum of variety.

Those who do not own a smartphone may also play here on the desktop – including a rich bonus package, exciting games and plenty of thrills!

Extensive Review of Dunder Casino

Innovation is a must for the operators. The games offered are modern, the website leaves a lasting impression and looks absolutely reputable. One quickly gets used to the menu navigation on the PC. Nevertheless, it immediately becomes clear: Dunder is made for mobile entertainment. As a logged-in customer, you can indulge in exactly this at any time – both with real money and for free.

Various jackpots round off the attractive offer. In addition, there are bonus promotions and a starting credit in the amount of 100% up to €250. The latter is credited to you with the first four deposits. You will receive the first 20 Book of Dead free spins already after registration, without having to invest a single cent yourself. Another 100 free spins will be credited on day 1 and 2 after the deposit.

1.) The odds

1,000+ games are indeed a house number, but this does not yet clarify how it is about the Dunder winning odds. That’s why our editorial team investigated the question of whether playing here is actually worth it. We find the answer first and foremost with the software providers, who have been working with the online casino since 2016. They have the final say when it comes to payout rates. Of course, we cannot give you a blanket value, because ultimately every slot has its own paytable, and even the classics differ significantly from each other depending on the variant.

Precisely because it is primarily the developers themselves who determine the odds, it is incredibly important to Dunder not to get involved with just any provider. Partners are selected very conscientiously here – and that seems to go down well, not least with the players.

So it’s worth studying the rules and odds first before making a choice. The overall impression we got at Dunder Casino is positive. This is not only true for the winning odds as such, but also for the RTP. It is rarely below 96% for slots, with jackpot machines being the exception. The low payout ratios to be expected there result from the fact that in the event of a win, sometimes amounts in the millions, but at least several tens of thousands of euros are dropped.

One thing is quite clear: machines with a high jackpot usually always have a relatively low RTP. However, this has nothing to do with a lack of seriousness, but is due to the fact that the jackpots have to be filled somehow. Accordingly, it hardly makes sense to drop the money elsewhere. Basic payouts here are a bit lower than on slots without jackpots.

Let’s take a look at Mega Fortune. Here we are talking about almost 2 million euros, which beckon as the main prize. Despite this fact, the RTP is 96.4%. Thus, this slot is clearly the exception, because regularly the payout ratio should be significantly lower, especially with such high jackpots.

The win rates of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker and co. were already set decades ago by the inventors of the said games. There are clear standard rules, which Dunder Casino of course also adheres to – as do the software providers that are active here.

The winnings at the tables do not run as fast as at the slot machines, but the odds can be regulated by you, so to speak. This works easiest with roulette, because you decide for yourself whether you want to bet on single chances, dozens, columns or even your lucky number, for example.

These games at Dunder Casino are worth playing:

  • Book of Dead
  • Starburst
  • Dunder Live Games
  • Divine Fortune
  • Hall of Gods
  • Mega Molah

Either way, fun should always come first when playing. After all, what good are the highest odds if the slot or classic doesn’t appeal to you at all? In the end, the values in all categories are solid, and variances you will certainly not only experience at Dunder Casino.

If an online casino is licensed by the MGA Malta, then the odds must be just as reputable as all other areas. Accordingly, we were positive before the start of our detailed Dunder test. Especially in the area of older fruit slots, there are some games that are less profitable than others.

At the end of the day, however, you should not consider the odds alone, but be able to enjoy the selected game first and foremost. Sooner or later, you’re sure to get some nice payouts. If things don’t go as you had hoped, you are of course free to switch to other slots and classics.

The RTP is checked regularly, the winning odds are set by the manufacturers of the games. It is therefore sufficient to take a look at the table and get an overview before you start playing.

2.) The game offer

If it comes to the selection of slots, classics, skill games and jackpots, then Dunder has clearly earned a place in the upper league. With well over 1,000 games of all kinds, anyone looking for variety will really get their money’s worth. Above all, Dunder delights with its selection of providers. Only top labels have been given a place here.

The operators are proud of the many novelties that regularly get a place in the Dunder portfolio. Hardly a day goes by without new slots, table games and live games, which are worth a look in any case, according to our expert opinion. The “new way to search” is also a highlight, because game sections like the one here are definitely not found on every corner.

In most casinos, there is sorting by game type – starting with slot machines, to roulette and blackjack or even live games. In addition, you can usually view new, popular and other special games individually.

The Dunder Casino game offer goes its very own way in this point. Clicking on categories displays designations such as “Egypt”, “Sticky Wild Symbols”, “Free Spins” and co. Here, the games are primarily sorted according to their functions.

3.) The Live Casino

Uniting two top developers under one roof is probably not the worst idea. In addition to the popular live provider Evolution Gaming, Net Entertainment also has its fingers in the pie at Dunder – literally! As a customer, you enjoy a huge selection of tables, game types and their variants.

If roulette alone seems too monotonous, you can also enjoy various poker versions, blackjack, baccarat and, last but not least, the infamous Live Dream Catcher Wheel from Evolution Gaming. The mix of different games provides entertainment that lasts for a long time. And also from a staking perspective, there is no reason to criticize Dunder Live Casino.

On the contrary, some of the tables are accessible from as little as 10 cents. Playing for free, however, unfortunately does not work with this provider either.

In terms of transparency, the provider is hard to beat in this area. On the one hand, Dunder shows you how many players are currently at the tables. On the other hand, there is already an overview of all the betting options that are available here before the game starts.

Every evening, the live area fills up with hundreds of players who have meanwhile been able to experience for themselves how versatile Dunder’s offer really is. The fact alone that the company has no shortage of guests clearly speaks for itself.

4.) Deposits and withdrawals to the customer account


We were actually waiting for a weak point. Our editorial team had to search for it for a long time, but at the latest when making deposits at Dunder Casino, it now becomes clear, as suspected, that the provider has just not been active on the market for all that long. Players from Germany currently have few options.

Like all providers in Germany, Dunder soon had to say goodbye to the idea of offering customers PayPal as a payment option. The wallet operator, which was so sought-after until then, left the industry completely some time ago – which, by the way, does not detract from the reliability of deposits and withdrawals at Dunder.

Below, we will show you the payment methods that can currently be used. Of course, we will go into a bit more detail in the full test. There are other factors that we do not want to leave unmentioned in this context.

The good news is that Dunder will show you in the checkout which limits are to be observed. However, you have to enter any amount first to get these limits displayed. All four payment providers have a minimum deposit of 10 euros. The upper limit varies a bit. If you choose Neteller, for example, you can book up to 20,000 euros to your customer account. 250 euros is the limit for the Paysafecard.

The selection can be described as manageable. However, this does not detract from the seriousness. It takes a lot of patience for online casinos of the modern era to convince proven payment providers. After all, Dunder has only just been launched. If the concept establishes itself in the coming months, then there should be no reason not to expand the cash register.

After all, there are only methods that allow real-time transfers.

High rollers are allowed to invest properly here. However, there are of course no obligations. If you want to play with real money without betting much, you can start with 20€ without a deposit. By the way, this sum is enough to qualify for the welcome bonus. We will be happy to tell you more about bonus promotions – in our own test section!

In order to be able to deposit money at all, an account must be set up. Fortunately, the registration as such does not take much time. Dunder online it is sufficient if you enter some key data and confirm them via the e-mail sent to you.

The verification of the data is necessary before the first withdrawal. The sooner you perform the data matching, the faster the transaction of your winnings will work later on.


The operators of Dunder Casino have a little catching up to do in this area as well. In the end, the same methods apply as for the deposit. However, the Paysafecard is an exception, because even prepaid cards like these cannot be used to pay out winnings at the moment.

So you are left with Neteller and classic bank transfer. The latter basically takes effect if a payout at Dunder Casino is not possible via the selected deposit method. In the Dunder Casino test, however, we were not only concerned with the options that are offered to you.

We also checked how long such a transfer takes and whether it is carried out reliably at all. Unfortunately, there is a bit of information missing on the Dunder page. You will only receive this when there is already sufficient credit in your customer account. A disadvantage that should ideally be improved in a timely manner.

This is how winnings withdrawals work at Dunder Casino:

  • Trustly
  • Bank transfer
  • Neteller

Basically, the three options should be sufficient. A bank transfer generally takes more time than, for example, the payout of winnings on Neteller. However, we did not have to wait more than a week for our money in the practical test.

In order to be entitled to a payout at all, it is also necessary to fulfill the bonus conditions. If you do not want to take on this task, you can of course do without the starting credit from Dunder.

5.) The customer service

If you click on “Chat”, the service hours will be displayed directly. A personal contact in the live chat is possible daily from 10 am and until 0:30 am. If you want to contact us outside these hours, the chat window will automatically “turn” into a contact form.

Simply fill out the displayed fields and enter your message. According to our extensive test, the response times can be described as good. As a rule, you do not have to wait more than a few hours for a response from the professionally trained team.

This brings us to the most important fact, which is that the employees are not only easy to reach, they are also absolutely competent, reliable and friendly. That alone is worth a lot in this day and age.

Support is of course provided free of charge at Dunder Casino. What it lacks, however, is a hotline. At times, you are only left with the form, live chat and a classic email address.

How to reach the Dunder support.

  1. Telephone: exactly this option is completely missing in the Dunder Casino online. Possibly, after such a short time, there is still a lack of sufficient staff to cover this service area as well. Of course, we are hopeful that there will be a hotline sooner or later.
  2. E-mail: You have the option of contacting customer service directly by e-mail. Simply send your request to hilfe@dunder.com. The address already suggests that there is a German-speaking support team behind the scenes. This was set up specifically to assist you with questions and concerns about games, registration, bonuses and co. Alternatively, you are welcome to open the chat window and fill out the contact form there.
  3. Live Chat: Every morning at 10 am, the Dunder Live Chat is opened. This type of communication is particularly popular among players. The service times are impressive overall, because you have the opportunity to ask questions and get support from experienced employees until 0:30 am.

As a rule, you as a customer can get along well without help. Dunder has ensured this with its detailed FAQ page alone. The most common topics are covered here, so that nothing stands in the way of a smooth start as a new player.

Although there is no 24/7 support, the service hours are still exemplary. The only thing missing is the hotline – although you can theoretically get by quite well without this customer service at Dunder Casino. All in all, the operators deliver solid services here.

6.) The website

The design of the Dunder website is definitely unique. The operators decorate it on special occasions like Christmas and thus let it shine in new splendor. If you want to benefit from the handling, it is best to opt for the Dunder mobile casino.

Thanks to the mobile website, you are spared an app download. Nevertheless, you will enjoy a much more pleasant menu navigation – compared to the PC variant, which the company obviously does not attach as much importance to as the mobile alternative.

The page itself is clearly structured. All areas have been clearly marked. This makes it easy for you to look around and easily get an impression yourself this way.

Playing for free, that is also possible at Dunder at any time – regardless of whether you are already registered or not. With the free games, there is ample opportunity to get a feel for the handling of the website and find out how easy it is to start games in general.

With the exception of the bulging game sections, the Dunder website is very clear. Consequently, you don’t have to search for a long time if you want to learn more about the company, the operators, company philosophy and the like.

Once you get used to the site, games and such can be accessed without any problems. Dunder is a casino that simply goes its own way – and in the meantime even very successfully. The graphics on the homepage definitely put you in a good mood.

We honestly expected nothing but a perfect website from such a young company. It alone is proof that the operators are well versed in the industry and obviously know exactly what matters to players these days.

7.) The casino app

Dunder has not simply set up a mobile casino – it is a pure mobile casino! This is exactly where the provider differs from most of its competitors, because unlike them, the offer is just not focused on the desktop.

If you fancy some variety on your smartphone or tablet, then Dunder Mobile should be your first choice. In all these years, we have at least not found any providers that are better in this area. All the more reason for us to award Dunder full marks for its mobile casino.

There are no apps, because all games can be started directly in the browser of your device. This makes Dunder as a mobile casino accessible not only to Android and iOS users, but also to players who have opted for a Blackberry, Windows Phone or other alternatives.

We think Dunder is even more attractive on mobile than on a home computer. That makes it all the more worthwhile to get out your smartphone and check out the provider’s inimitable mobile concept for yourself. Of course, you can play on the go just as free of charge as at home. The performance & loading times of Dunder will certainly surprise you positively.

You should always make sure that the connection is stable enough, despite all the anticipation of exciting spins. This small own contribution to great excitement definitely has a strong impact on how fast games actually load. By the way, the one or other update on your mobile device can’t hurt either.

Dunder is mobile usable on the following devices:

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • HTC, Sony, LG and Huawei
  • Windows Phone and others

The payment methods already listed above make it especially easy for you to book money to your player account on the go. It probably works best with Paysafecard, because you can enter the code in just a few simple steps. Nothing stands in the way of real winnings – no matter whether you are on your lunch break, at the dentist or on the train.

8.) The new customer bonus

The company talks about a fantastic welcome offer and makes it clear that they like bonuses at Dunder just as much as the customers who are allowed to take advantage of them. Whether the offer actually appeals to you, as promised by those responsible, is ultimately a matter of personal taste.

The registration alone is enough to qualify for the first bonus – 20 free spins for the NetEnt slot Book of Dead. Provided a deposit is made, another 100 free spins beckon. The minimum deposit at Dunder Casino is €20. In return, however, there is much more than the promised free spins.

On top of that, the company packs a 100% bonus up to €250. So if you deposit 250€, you can completely exhaust the offer and can immediately play with 500€ credit.

The first 20 free spins without a deposit are of course a good start. As already mentioned, your first transaction will also be rewarded handsomely. Said 100 free spins, which you receive afterwards, Dunder deliberately allocates to you. On the first day, you get 50 free spins for Book of Dead, and then the second share of free spins on the following day.

As usual, you will of course have to fulfill turnover requirements. They are not quite easy, but still solvable. The requirements have changed a bit. Dunder explains that the bonus must be played through 30 times before a payout is possible.

However, you should calmly take a little time to consider claiming it. After all, the T&Cs not only state how often the bonus must be wagered at Dunder Casino. There is also a limit of 30 days. If you do not claim the credit by then, it will be deducted again.

If you actually decide against the bonus at Dunder Casino, then logically all turnover requirements are also waived. Our savemoneyworldwide.com experts have made the experience in the practical test that said conditions are easy to fulfill even for beginners. All the more reason for us to recommend claiming at least a partial amount.

9.) Security: how serious is the Dunder Casino?

Visually alone, the fairly young Dunder Casino is different from anything we have experienced so far. Not least, this design is due to the fact that Dunder focuses primarily on the mobile gaming sector. Especially players of the younger generation will love the extraordinary, fresh concept of this company.

The cooperation with renowned software providers – including Net Entertainment, Evolution Gaming, Quickspin and others – clearly speaks for the seriousness. All in all, these cooperations succeed in providing players with over 1,000 games. The main focus is on slots, but classics and, above all, live games are anything but neglected here.

During the fact check, the Maltese gambling license also attracted positive attention, of course. Malta is one of the strictest countries in the regulation of online casinos. High requirements are placed on companies like Dunder, without the fulfillment of which it is not even possible to obtain a license.

A look at the strengths and weaknesses can not hurt in principle. On the positive side, of course, Dunder Casino provides you with significantly more games than most of its competitors.

The website is well structured, and there is even the option to sort the games by special features and relevant game themes. Partially, high betting limits are allowed, especially at the classic tables. On the other hand, beginners also get their money’s worth, because even in the Dunder Live Casino, various games can be started from as little as 10 cents.

When it comes to user-friendliness and design, the Dunder Casino has truly earned its high score. Especially on mobile devices, the concept unfolds its full effect. And it can easily keep up with other online casinos that have been on the market for much longer.

We were also convinced by the bonus offer at Dunder Casino. Already after registration, you get 20 free spins to convince yourself of the advantages of the casino provider – just like that and without any risk.

With all the praise we have for Dunder, we do not want to disregard the facts, of course. In some test areas, it quickly became apparent that the operators definitely have a lot of room for improvement. Of course, this does not apply to the game portfolio of Dunder Casino, and yet new slot machines and partly also classics are introduced on a regular basis.

The payment methods, on the other hand, are much more manageable. You can choose between Neteller, Paysafecard and Sofortüberweisung. Skrill is displayed on the website, but after logging in, this option is not necessarily available. If you need help, you should contact the support team with confidence. After all, the deposit limits are sufficient for any budget. Fees may apply, but they stay within a manageable range.

We also took a closer look at the details of the Dunder website, of course. On the one hand, it was about the design, with which Dunder clearly scores. On the other hand, we checked the player information. The operators are very transparent here – a fact that speaks for the seriousness.

Dunder is a provider that makes no secrets about its background and just about all the things that help you as a player in the decision-making process. In addition, the operators make great efforts to focus on the topic of player protection and to support their customers in discontinuing pathological gambling behavior.

Logically, the topic of security has a particularly high priority for our editorial team. The operators do everything they can not only to meet the highest standards, but to exceed them in many areas. Basically, all regulations are met. And we were also able to gather positive impressions in the Dunder practical test of the odds. All in all, this is a company that has been able to establish itself well in the short time it has been in existence.

10.) Our experience with Dunder

Dunder is one of the youngest casinos in Europe. It was founded in March 2016 by MT Secure Ltd, which is based in Malta. The gaming interface is modern, youthful and looks absolutely fresh. The responsible parties have obviously refrained from using too much color. Timeless elegance is probably the appropriate term here. Already on the start page you get the feeling of having arrived on vacation.

And at least from a profit point of view, it should be possible to realize such a vacation. After all, the Dunder Online Casino does not rely on any software groups, but on the renowned providers Net Entertainment, Quickspin, Play `n Go, Microgaming, as well as several other top brands that are reliable.

It is hard to doubt the security and seriousness of Dunder Casino. After all, the company has obtained a Maltese gambling license – and only by meeting very strict requirements. Especially factors like liquidity, fair odds and a good selection of games are crucial to even make an impression on the gambling authority.

Another thing that clearly speaks in favor of Dunder is the fact that it is not just a casino. The entire site has been deliberately optimized for mobile devices. If you are in possession of a smartphone or tablet PC, then you will experience an even more successful design and the initially unusual website structure will only make sense.

A clear plus point goes to Dunder, because you can save yourself the software download here. Such a download is not even provided for. And the operators have also deliberately dispensed with special mobile apps. This way, they reach a particularly large target group, because the operating system of your device does not play a role for the availability of the casino offer.

The only important thing is that you have a stable Internet connection – whether at home or on the road.

Here again is an overview of all the plus points that speak for Dunder Casino:

  • A young, dynamic and versatile provider
  • Specialized in mobile gambling in Europe
  • Direct game entry without download
  • More than 1,000 games for on the go
  • 250€ starting credit + 100 free spins
  • Official regulation of the MGA Malta
  • Support with good accessibility

Although Dunder Casino currently lacks a hotline, the contact options are still sufficient. Within a few minutes, you will receive answers to all your questions in the live chat. The large game selection at Dunder Casino is certainly also a strength. Even in the good old casinos, 1,000 + slot machines, classics, live games and Co. are rather the exception – and even more so the fact that you can use them all mobile at Dunder.

The Dunder bonus is a bit atypical at first glance. First of all, you will be credited with 20 free spins after successful registration. Another 100 Free Spins will be distributed over the following 2 days, provided you are already to invest at least 20€. The first transaction will also bring you a 100% bonus up to €250.

Dunder relies on live gaming above all else. The tables, which are attended to by real croupiers and dealers, come from two forges at once. On the one hand, there is probably the most renowned of all developers: Evolution Gaming. Thanks to them, you have access to numerous game variants of the classics roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker at Dunder Live Casino. There is also a live wheel of fortune at your disposal.

If you want even more excitement, then you should not miss the live games from Net Entertainment. The company specialized in slots many years ago, but also does a good job in the relatively new sector.

Like all online casinos, Dunder also relies on random number generators. These are checked and monitored at regular intervals by independent authorities. Ultimately, this makes it impossible for the operators to exercise any form of manipulation.

Regardless of this, all cooperating software providers have been considered absolutely reputable and safe for many years. The payout rates as well as win rates in the individual games have completely convinced even our critics in-house.

The first positive impression we had of Dunder was not disappointed in the long-term test. Some areas, such as the bonus conditions, could certainly be improved a bit. Overall, however, the online casino with a focus on mobile games cuts a very good figure.

The fact that we are dealing with a company that was opened very recently is not noticeable at all. The operators know exactly what is important to players – and they implement their ideas perfectly.

The support has also left a lasting impression. You are shown in the chat whether the employee in charge is German-speaking. Dunder attaches great importance to hassle-free communication. And that is exactly what has been working smoothly now since 2016.

Most questions are superfluous anyway, since the FAQ alone addresses really every relevant topic. Accordingly, we can call this young and up-and-coming casino exemplary, especially in terms of customer orientation.

Dunder Casino FAQs

1.) Where can I find Dunder testimonials?

Caution is often required when it comes to reviews, because often Dunder experience reports also turn out to be too subjective. If you really want to learn all the details about the company and gain a holistic impression in the process, then this site is clearly the right address. Experienced casino experts have checked all factors and provide readers with a consistently objective assessment of the company.

2.) Do I have to download the Dunder Casino app?

Played can Dunder Mobile actually without an app download. The operators have deliberately opted for a web app based on HTML5. This is advantageous for several reasons at once. Firstly, it does not require any storage space on the cell phone, and secondly, the Dunder Web App is compatible with all devices and is therefore not limited to Android or Apple smartphones.

3.) What are Dunder bonus games?

Up to 120 bonus games are offered by Dunder Casino to its new customers in addition to the €250 welcome bonus. Basically, these are nothing more than typical free spins. The first 20 Dunder free spins are granted without a deposit, and another 100 with the first transaction of €20 or more.

5.0 rating

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