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Behind the Betvictor brand is a big name in the sports betting industry, namely the Chandler bookmaking family.

BetVictor is now on the verge of stirring up the sports betting industry away from its English home.

A look at the results in the big sports betting test shows that Betvictor definitely has the potential to become one of the well-known and important betting providers on the Internet.

While the bookie has notable and relevant strengths in some areas, the recognizable weaknesses remain very discreetly in the background.

Comprehensive Review of the BetVictor Betting Provider

Our test editors have dealt with BetVictor over a longer period of time and collected a lot of information.

These are listed and evaluated in detail in the following detailed Review.

The performance of BetVictor was closely examined in nine different test areas, so that sports bettors seeking advice immediately have a compact but informative overview of the strengths and weaknesses of this provider at hand.

1.) The BetVictor betting odds

Among the absolute highlights of the Betvictor offer are the betting odds of the English bookmaker.

The international top soccer from Germany, England, Spain and Italy, as well as the Champions League are partly offered with a payout key of up to 97.5%.

This means that here the bookmaker works with a theoretical profit margin of just 2.5% – an absolute top value that is hard to beat.

This is also reflected in the fact that independent odds comparisons regularly show Betvictor as the best bidder.

It is clear that the bookie is very proud of awards of this kind.

However, Betvictor’s top odds are not always available.

Because sometimes it can happen that the odds key tends to go down the closer the event in question gets.

So you should regularly visit the Betvictor site and immediately strike at recognizable best odds.

The generous Betvictor odds key benefits not only avid soccer bettors, but also fans of other popular betting sports such as tennis and basketball.

Even for smaller soccer leagues and less popular sports, the payout key drops to a much lower level than the aforementioned 97.5% – however, this is just as common for just about all candidates in the betting provider comparison and is thus perfectly acceptable.

2.) The BetVictor betting offer

The Betvictor betting offer corresponds to the standard of an internationally active betting provider with ambitions to the top, i.e. even demanding sports bettors will be more than satisfied with the Betvictor betting program.

This leaves hardly anything to be desired!

You can choose from more than 30 different sports, in addition to the classics on the European betting market such as soccer and other ball sports, there are also some typically English betting offers on the betting slip.

For example, betting options on cricket, Gaelic football or hurling competitions.

The undisputed star of the Betvictor Sportsbook is, of course, soccer.

Not only are there betting options from all over the world, but also numerous long-term and special bets in the program.

As an absolute highlight, there is always a separate menu item called Football Specials.

Within this category, sports bettors will find around 200 betting specials on the battle for the round leather – including ready-made combination bets, club, league, transfer, coach and player specials, as well as offers relating to major international events, the European Cup and sports policy decisions.

Although the focus within this offer is clearly on British soccer, other top leagues such as the Bundesliga are of course not left out.

Betvictor-Sportsbook is rounded off with a rich potpourri of virtual sports bets.

Thus, it can be stated that Betvictor can hardly hold a candle to anyone else when it comes to special soccer bets.

3.) The BetVictor live betting

The selection of Betvictor live bets is not quite as extensive.

Although a nice mix of different sports and events is also available here for betting in real time, to the best providers in this category, it still lacks a little diversity and depth in the live betting offer.

However, a “good” rating can always be awarded here.

Regularly offered live sports in the Betvictor offer:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Ice hockey
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton
  • Rugby

Without the virtual tips, the event selection is relatively manageable, but “Otto Normal Tipper” still gets his money’s worth at Betvictor.

This is all the more true because the bookie provides most games and duels with a considerable special betting offer.

Unfortunately, Betvictor’s live betting center sometimes seems a bit untidy.

The British bookmaker also has some catching up to do in terms of live score and streaming options.

4.) Deposits to a BetVictor betting account

For deposits to a Betvictor betting account, the most important and common payment methods in the betting industry are available.

Very pleasing is the fact that all offered forms of payment can be carried out without additional charges.

Deposit with Paypal

It is possible at Betvictor to make deposits via Paypal.

Incidentally, this is also possible for withdrawals.

PayPal can be used by customers from Germany. For Austrian users, this is unfortunately no longer the case since June 2020.

In order to be able to use Paypal at Betvictor, proceed as follows: After opening a PayPal account and subsequently entering the BetVictor account, click on the PayPal logo and follow the instructions to make a transfer to the account.

5.) Payout of betting winnings at BetVictor.

The same applies to the payout of betting winnings, which is usually quick and uncomplicated and does not cause any additional or hidden costs.

In general, Betvictor points out with regard to the payout that the selected deposit method usually also serves as the payout method.

Therefore, customers should consider in advance which payment method they prefer.

It should be noted that the transfer time varies greatly from payment service provider to payment service provider.

While some payment services transfer betting winnings to the customer immediately, this procedure can take several days for others.

Important note: BetVictor verifies the identity of its customers at various times.

A payout without prior verification of the account/payments and the customer is therefore not possible.

6.) The customer service of BetVictor

Betvictor shows slight weaknesses in the customer service category.

Even though the customer support is basically available daily between 1 pm and 8 pm via email or live chat, practice has shown, however, that there is not always a German contact person available.

Especially with complicated problems, this circumstance can cost a lot of time and nerves.

There are also slight deductions in this category for the lack of telephone support.

Since the German-language live chat is not available all the time, a service hotline is missed all the more painfully.

On the other hand, Betvictor offers a detailed and well-structured FAQ section, which provides a suitable solution for everyday problems.

Apart from that, there is also a useful glossary available, in which almost all important betting terms are explained in detail.

Last but not least, Betvictor can still be reached via the good old postal service.

However, this is only recommended when particularly confidential inquiries or legal problems arise.

In addition, this centuries-old method of message transmission naturally requires a lot of patience.

7.) The BetVictor website

The Betvictor website has undergone a facelift, so that it now looks stylish and modern.

The site structure is logical and thus strengthens usability.

The page structure follows the “three-column model”, according to which the left margin is reserved for the Sportsbook menu, the middle for the betting offers and the right column for the betting slip and useful tips.

BetVictor App

Of course, the above applies to the desktop version. If you use the Betvictor app, you will see a slightly different layout. However, this does not change the enormous user-friendliness.

In terms of design, however, both views are very similar, since one and the same basic layout is used.

By the way, the Betvictor app is available for both iOS and Android. However, if you have the latter operating system, you have to get the Betvictor app via QR code from the homepage of the bookie, since Android itself does not offer any betting apps in its store.

8.) The new customer bonus from BetVictor

When it comes to the betting bonus for new customers from Germany, Betvictor was for a long time somewhat different from the usual practice of other betting providers and made the bonus amount dependent on the amount of the first bet.

Now the BetVictor bonus Germany looks like this: It is a 100% deposit bonus with up to 100 euros, which is dependent on the first deposit. This means that the customer can collect up to 100 euros for the first deposit.

To receive the bonus worth a maximum of 100 euros, the new customer bonus must be activated in the betting account after opening the betting account, but BEFORE the first deposit.

Since the bonus amount must be wagered 5 times, this means a wager of 500 euros for a first deposit of 100 euros:

Bonus on the 1st deposit 100 euros x 5 = 500 euros (eg, single bets with minimum odds of 2.00 each).
Added up, this results in a total stake of 500 euros for the complete bonus of 100 euros.

The bonus conditions of BetVictor:

  • the betting bonus must be activated before making the first deposit
  • only the first deposit qualifies for the bonus offer
  • minimum deposit is €10, maximum bonus credit is €100
  • new customers can claim this Betvictor bonus offer within 7 days after account opening
  • potential winnings are displayed without wagering, however, this is credited until the turnover requirements are met and paid out as well
  • the bonus on the 1st deposit must be wagered 5 times on single bets with minimum odds of 2.00 or on combined bets with minimum odds of 4.00
  • the bonus amounts must be played within 30 days

9.) Security: how serious is BetVictor?

Betvictor is an up-and-coming player in the concert of large and well-known betting providers on the Internet.

As a relatively new brand, Betvictor can nevertheless draw on the decades of experience of the traditional English bookmaker Victor Chandler, which has been around since the 1940s and is well established on the market.

In our Betvictor info, we take a look at the history of the traditional bookmaker.

Betvictor Info

Before Michael Tabor took over the business in 2014, the Chandler family was the linchpin of BetVictor for about 70 years: first William Chandler , who founded the company in 1946, then from 1974 his son Victor Chandler Sr.

William Chandler was active as a bookmaker, namely in the field of horse racing. It was at the racetrack that the modern bookmaking business was born.

Incidentally, this traditional background is also shared by the “Big Three” of the English bookmaking scene:

  • William Hill
  • Ladbrokes
  • Coral

William Chandler was also a specialist in greyhound racing. In 1931, for example, he built a stadium in London for these greyhound racing competitions. Even before he died in 1946, his son Victor took over the betting business.

Birth of Betvictor

The year 1946 also marks the birth of BetVictor. Using his own name as a signboard, William Chandler founded the company of the same name.

When the “Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act 1963” legalized stationary betting away from the racecourse, Victor Chandler started to build up betting stores all over the South East of England.

In 1974, he died unexpectedly at the age of 52. His son, also named Victor, took over the family business at the age of 22.

By then, his father’s investments in land had driven the company to the brink of ruin. That’s because real estate prices had plummeted. Victor Chandler Junior nevertheless decided to fight for the company.

Victor Chandler sold some betting stores and tried to attract customers with “deep pockets” and passion for gambling. In 1976, he was nevertheless close to selling to Playboy Enterprises. With the Royal Ascot in 1977, the turnaround finally succeeded.

During the horse race, he set up a personal service for the wealthy clientele. Instead of waiting at his booth for betting customers, he sent runners into the spectator boxes. Since betting at the track was tax-free, he netted 100,000 British pounds from just this one event.

Even today, half of the company’s turnover comes from the pockets of “high-stakes players”. For as long as he was in charge of the business, Victor Chandler always took care of “major customers” personally. As a result, the loyalty of the wealthy betting clientele extended in part into the next generation.

In the 90s, Victor Chandler toyed with the idea of opening up new markets. An incident during the 1994 World Cup encouraged him to expand into the Far East:

A businessman bet 1 million pounds on behalf of a Chinese client. To this day, BetVictor is considered the “king of the high rollers” – a bookmaker that accepts bets at a rate like no other.

In 1996, Victor Chandler obtained a license in Gibraltar and eventually moved the company’s headquarters there in 1999 to spare his phone customers the 9% betting tax. Instead, he charged a 3% service fee.

Today, BetVictor is the largest private employer in the British overseas territory, with around 350 employees. The bookmaker still has a location in London.

The BetVictor brand

Until 2004, Victor Chandler International Ltd. operated under the brand name “Victor Chandler”. However, the subsequently established name “VC Bet” was to last only four years before the focus was once again placed on the personality behind the company with the return to “Victor Chandler”.

Already at the end of 2011, the change to “BetVictor” followed.

This was because up until this point, the company lacked a consistent international presence. In the UK, the bookmaker was known as “Victor Chandler”, in Israel as “Victor Bet”, in Spain as “Mr Apuestas” and in Greece as “Bet Beast”, while “BetVictor” was already established in the rest of continental Europe.

Simultaneously with the change of the brand name, the online presence established in 1999 underwent a relaunch and was moved from the domain to

BetVictor and personalities

At no other betting provider do the people behind the scenes also play such a strong role on the outside as they do at BetVictor.

So it is only logical that the entire communication and image building was carried by the person Victor Chandler for a long time – at least in Great Britain. Consistently, the slogan on the start page of the English website was: “For the best odds talk to Victor”.

For its campaigns in its home country, the bookmaker always brought prominent support on board, such as the British comedian Paul Kaye. With Victor Chandler’s resignation in 2014, a new era finally dawned in which there no longer seems to be any room for personality.

Finally, the cooperation with Reiner Calmund (was the figurehead from 2011), who had perfectly reflected the values of the bookmaker or its owner – first and foremost integrity – and thus carried them across the English Channel, was also terminated in Germany.

Victor Chandler Jr. was succeeded by Michael Tabor. The Englishman was already responsible for a betting shop chain, which he built up from the late 60s and sold to Coral in the mid 90s. BetVictor customers are therefore still in good hands.

Is BetVictor reputable now?

The company has never been guilty of anything. Nowadays, this would no longer be possible anyway.

Reason: Betvictor is subject to the supervision of some recognized control and licensing authorities. Temporarily, Betvictor has been granted the concession to organize sports betting by the Darmstadt Regional Council.

They, in turn, are obliged to carry out their work in accordance with strict EU guidelines.

The fact that the bookie has been able to stay afloat in the shark tank of betting providers over such a long period of time also speaks for Betvictor’s work and its equally solid and sustainable corporate policy.

Prominent advertising ambassadors are intended to convey additional trust to betting customers. The English top club Liverpool FC was also among the partners of the “gentleman bookmaker” until summer 2019.

Finally, Betvictor customers do not need to worry about discretion and data protection.

The bookie follows the principles of the “Gibraltar Data Protection Act 2004″ – a set of guidelines that aims to provide the highest possible security for sensitive customer data.

In summary, it can be said that Betvictor is reputable and the bettor is in good and safe hands at this address.

Following changes to the legal framework, Betvictor is withdrawing its betting offer from Switzerland as of 1.7.2019 and is therefore no longer available to tipsters in Switzerland.

10.) Our experience with the bookmaker BetVictor

In our last topic, we would like to briefly discuss our experiences that we have made with betting provider Betvictor.

Betvictor in practice

Summa summarum we can draw the following conclusion: The betting offer and the odds can be highlighted as major strengths. Our experiences in these test areas were positive without exception.

Betvictor’s mobile betting also turned out to be extremely user-friendly. In practice, it hardly ever happened that we had to select the wrong tab; everything was intuitive and self-explanatory. With the app, which is available for Android and iOS, we were able to dive into the betting program even faster than via the web browser.

Unfortunately, Betvictor can only play off these qualities to a limited extent on its desktop version. We found it much more difficult to navigate here than on mobile.

One advantage of Betvictor that should not be neglected is the feeling of being in good hands. Due to the long tradition and the large number of customers, there is nothing to complain about the security of this bookie. And if problems arose, we were helped quickly.

Nevertheless, the customer service is not one of the great strengths of this bookie. This has less to do with the quality of the answers than with the fact that from time to time only English-language support was possible.

In addition, we missed the lack of telephone contact options from time to time, as some problems are simply better discussed verbally.

Experiences with the Betvictor bonus

With the bonus value of 100 euros, Betvictor does not stand out from the average, but the majority of bookmakers offer a bonus in this amount.

However, the turnover requirements are very challenging. A total of 5 conversions are required and the minimum odds of 2.0 for single bets and 4.0 for combined bets are anything but easy. You can find out more about the bonus in our Betvictor bonus test.

Questions and answers about BetVictor

In the following section, we will address all those questions that are particularly frequently asked by BetVictor existing customers and new customers from Germany.

How long do payouts take at Betvictor?

Betvictor payouts are processed comparatively quickly. However, this does not mean that the money is immediately deposited into your account. How long the payout takes depends mainly on which method is used as a payout.

Payouts with Paypal, for example, prove to be particularly fast: as a rule: usually 1-2 banking days. Whereas payouts by credit card or bank transfer can take up to 6 days.

Is there a special Betvictor Germany bonus?

For new German customers, but also for all Austrian users, BetVictor offers a 100% bonus up to 100 euros on the first deposit.

What is the BetVictor power bet?

This is a popular tool, which many may know more under the name “Betbuilder”. With this, combination bets can be created that consist exclusively of individual events on one and the same game.

For example: Team A wins + Over 2.5 goals + Team A wins by zero.

How can I delete my BetVictor account?

If you want to delete your existing betting account at BetVictor, the best way to do this is to instruct customer service to delete the account – or in the account settings.

4.5 rating

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