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Betfred has a long tradition as a bookmaker, because the company has already been on the market for more than 45 years. This speaks for security and seriousness, because otherwise the bookie could not have existed for so long. Betfred was already founded in 1967. The visitor will find not only sports betting, but also many games such as poker, casino and also lotto. As it is typical for traditional betting providers, Betfred is based in the UK, in Birchwood.

For some time now, Betfred has been online, so customers do not have to face long distances. Betfred is also available in Germany, but the bookie still leads a shadowy existence here.
See for yourself what Betfred has to offer, we have tested. Find out about the strengths and weaknesses of the bookmaker in our comprehensive test.

Betting offer – Right Said Fred!

Right said Fred, that’s not just the name of a well-known British pop group, but that’s how Betfred’s betting offer could be described. Clearly, the bookie bears the signature very british when it comes to sports betting. The sports betting offer includes about 20 sports, with King Football ranking right at the top. German and other European leagues are available, many betting offers are available for the Champions League. In addition to soccer, many typical British sports are available, such as cricket, bowling and darts. Classic American sports may not be missing either, so American football, baseball and other exotics are represented. The sports betting offer is not exactly lavish, but especially those who value exotic sports will get their money’s worth.

Live betting – rather average offer

Just like the normal sports betting, the live betting offer at Betfred is rather average and manageable. Live bets are offered daily, as events for various sports. On the positive side, bets can be placed quickly and easily, so the bettor has the opportunity to bet simultaneously and be up close to the action. However, the number of betting options is low per event, as only about five options are offered for each event. Soccer fans are lucky, however, because significantly more options are offered for them for one event.

Betting bonus – free bet + casino credit

Betfred grants a bonus in the form of a free bet, which can be placed by the customer once after registration. However, for the free bet, the customer may not bet more than 60 euros. In order to benefit from the bonus, the customer must choose a bet that has at least odds of 2.0. Furthermore, the customer may only use certain deposit options to get the bonus. The payment may not be made via PayPal, Skrill and Neteller.

Betfred betting odds – attractive and above average

The betting odds are a reason to place bets at Betfred, as the odds are well above average. Compared to other bookies, Betfred even provides the highest odds on some events, significantly higher than other bookmakers. Especially when it comes to soccer, odds are often much higher than the average. If you want to make a high profit when betting, you should pay close attention to the odds. Maybe Betfred, due to the high odds, will even become your favorite bookmaker.

Payments and withdrawals – good selection

Betfred offers customers many options for depositing. Pretty much all common payment options are offered. Payments can be made by credit card and bank transfer, and payments are also possible with e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill. One of the most popular payment options among Germans is PayPal, which is also possible at Betfred. Betfred does not provide any information about the withdrawal options, but the processing time for withdrawals is quite short – 1 to 3 days.

Website – functional design

The website of Betfred is functional and attractively designed. It’s just a pity that the visitor has to register first in order to have access to the different areas. After all, not everyone wants to start betting right away, but to inform themselves first. However, if you are registered, you can quickly find the right menu items and click your way there. The short loading times should also be mentioned positively. However, the website is not available in German, English knowledge is required.

Mobile app – unfortunately not

Those who want to place their bets from a tablet or smartphone will search in vain for a mobile app from Betfred. However, the bettor does not have to do without mobile betting, because he can call the website with the smartphone or tablet and then bet mobile.

Customer support – quick help with problems

The customer support is friendly and courteous, it responds quickly and provides competent help. Customer service is available completely free of charge in live chat, but it can also be reached by phone. However, customers from Germany should be aware that they are calling abroad and that can be quite expensive. Customer service is also available via email, and customers can expect a quick response. However, customers who want to use the support must have knowledge of the English or Spanish language, because customer service is only available in English and Spanish.

Security / License – EU license from Gibraltar

The fact that Betfred is safe is proven by the fact alone that the bookie has been on the market for more than 45 years. The customer can trust in security and seriousness. The transmission of data is done with secure SSL encryption, the customer’s data is safely protected from unauthorized access. The data is not passed on to third parties without the customer’s consent. The long experience of the bookie speaks for trust, for security and for quality.

Betting limits – minimum stake on average

The betting limits are rather average at Betfred, because the betting stakes are much lower at other providers. Customers have to pay at least 50 cents for a bet, which discourages many beginners from betting. With other providers, the customer is already there with a much lower stake. The bookmaker does not specify how high the maximum bet is. However, it depends on the sport and the individual event, how high the maximum bet actually is. For each betting event, the limits are displayed, so the customer can inform himself right away. He can quickly decide whether the bet is lucrative or not.

Betting tax – 5 percent is deducted

Since mid-2012, betting winnings in Germany are subject to a betting tax, regardless of whether bets are placed with German or foreign betting providers. Betfred makes no exception when it comes to the betting tax. Just like many other betting providers, the customer must also pay a betting tax of 5 percent at Betfred. This betting tax is levied on the gross profit. If a customer places a bet for 200 euros and the bet has odds of 1.5, the customer must pay a betting tax of 15 euros, so he receives 285 euros paid out.

Additional offers – use many bonus promotions

At Betfred, not only sports betting is offered to the customer, but also various games are available. Those who are more interested in games will definitely find their favorites, as poker, casino and live casino are available. A bonus in the form of a free bet is offered for new customers, but existing customers can also enjoy bonus promotions from time to time. These bonus promotions are only available for a limited time, bettors should check back regularly to find out about such bonus promotions and save on betting.

Conclusion – a provider on average

Average, that is the keyword when describing Betfred. Everything is rather average, in the middle, upper or lower average. There are many significantly better providers. In order to draw a conclusion, the positive and negative features must be taken into account. The positive features are the good betting odds, some of which are even above average and leave many a bookmaker behind. The limits can neither be described as positive nor negative, there are bookies with a higher or lower minimum stake. The maximum winnings depend on the respective bet.

The many deposit options and the fast payout, which takes only a few days, are also praiseworthy. The website has quite good approaches, it is clearly designed. Negative are the required registration for the website and the fact that the website is not available in German. English language skills are required to use the website and also to use the customer service. The customer service is friendly and quickly available, but nothing works without knowledge of the English language. To decide for or against a betting provider, it depends on how the betting offer looks like. The sports betting offer is manageable, primarily soccer bets are offered, but also typical British sports. The selection of live bets is quite small. Security is guaranteed, the long experience of more than four decades alone speaks for Betfred. Just like many other providers, Betfred also charges a betting tax of 5 percent on gross winnings. It can be quite worthwhile to bet with Betfred. This is the case for newbies as well as for old hands with a lot of betting experience.

3.3 rating

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