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  • Online since 1997
  • Excellent proprietary software
  • Multiple languages available
  • eCOGRA seal of approval
  • Numerous restrictions for different countries

In 2017, 888 celebrated its 20th anniversary. For this unique company, there is hardly any comparison throughout Europe. Neon colors bring a piece of Las Vegas into the game.

Despite all the classicism, 888slots of course also focuses on innovative gambling – and that is just one of the many advantages of this provider:

888slots has in-house software, which is something you don’t find every day even with the big providers. You can see for yourself just how ingenious Cassava games are at 888 Online.

The company grows with its tasks and, above all, meets the demands of its customers. Even today, 888slots is therefore still the perfect choice for true slot fans and scratch card lovers!

Extensive Review of 888slots

Neon colors are what give 888slots an inimitable recognition value. Our expertise teaches us that just such is essential if a company wants to succeed – especially in this industry. After more than 20 years on the market, it must be clearly stated: The provider is still crowned with success!

Three licenses also speak for the highest level of security. 888 is regulated in Malta, Gibraltar and by the UK Gambling Commission. Until a few years ago, the company received one award after the next.

1.) The odds

What good are the best games if there is a lack of winning odds? This is exactly the question that prompted our editors from savemoneyworldwide.com to check the odds at 888slots in a little more detail.

After all, the fact is: the higher the odds, the faster your willingness to bet pays off for you.

Ultimately, however, another value plays an elementary role: the theoretical payback. It was put under the microscope by us just like the 888slots winning odds. And even though each slot machine has its own values, you can see pretty quickly that the odds are set up absolutely fair in both areas. The practical test of various slots showed that the provider does not promise too much at all.

The easiest way to internalize winning odds is in the area of Classic Slots. It has always been important to the creators to provide players with a clear and easily comprehensible payout table.

More modern slot machines are much more flexible in this respect, so it is not possible to give concrete figures at this point.

What we do know, however: At 888slots, all games – regardless of whether slot or scratch card – offer fair and sometimes even outstanding win rates. The base winnings are also impressive.

We were astonished by the fact that the payout ratios turn out so high even for the slot games, which promise extremely solid main wins. As the main prize increases, this value drops to around 94% with most providers. 888slots Online, however, sometimes throws off over 95%. Thus, playing these slots is worthwhile even if it does not work out with the main prize right away.

Not only the win and payout rates, with which the provider knows how to shine, are to be rated positively. The transparency must also be rated quite clearly as a plus point at this point.

After all, there are detailed pay tables for all games, and the company also makes no secret about the RTP. These can be found in the instructions that have been written for almost all games.

The games below are particularly rewarding at 888slots:

  • Video Slots
  • Classis Slots
  • Merkur Games

Everyone gets the opportunity to take a look at the complete 888slots game offer for free – and to get an overview of all winning odds there as well. The practical test in real money mode showed our editors that the RTP is fair especially with real investment.

There are no comparative values for the games of 888slots, because ultimately the company works primarily with its own software. Accordingly, the slots cannot be found at any other provider – unless it belongs to the group.

Basically, we have to rely on the information provided by the operator. However, these completely matched our expert test. Not all slot machines were checked exactly, but at least the most relevant ones and those that are preferably used by 888slots customers.

We generally recommend our readers not to get too hung up on the winning odds. First and foremost, the games you choose should be fun and meet your expectations in terms of taste.

The fact that 888slots Online is very transparent with its win and payout rates clearly speaks for this provider. We have only been able to experience a similarly high level of transparency a few times in recent years. And the game instructions are also advantageous. This gives you enough opportunity to compare games and their odds before you make a decision.

The demo mode was abolished with the introduction of the new transitional regulation for games of chance in Germany, but still no one has to worry about high costs here. Most of the time, the stakes remain manageable, so that even beginners can confidently venture out and test different favorite slots.

2.) The game offer

Until recently, 888slots relied solely on its in-house software. In the meantime, the provider also offers slot machines from NetEnt and exciting scratch cards for every taste, which significantly increases the offer.

Quality clearly takes precedence over quantity when it comes to the successful offer, and above all, innovative new releases are offered to you at fair conditions, as our specialist editorial team has found out. For this alone, it is worthwhile to register. Most of the slots are playable with a small stake.

888slots is one of the few providers where the software download makes sense to date. Once you have installed it, you will benefit from a larger game selection as well as slightly better performance.

However, the 888slots loading times are also optimal in the browser. An attractive offer logically includes fair betting options. Overall, the risk is kept within limits. Nevertheless, high rollers get their money’s worth just as much as casual players with a lower budget. Even just a few euros should suffice as a deposit.

The advantage is the much more familiar atmosphere. As a guest, you don’t feel overloaded with a flood of games, but can choose from a rock-solid portfolio.

3.) Deposits and withdrawals to the customer account


At 888slots, all common payment methods are available. Deposits can thus be made quickly, securely and, above all, easily. You have the choice between service providers that work with the bank account and online wallets.

A minimum deposit of 20€ is sufficient. Many other providers specify 10€, but also at 888slots the financial risk is kept within limits. The upper limit varies depending on the chosen deposit method, and these limits can be both increased and completely removed by verifying the account.

The cashier section of the provider is well structured. First, you decide on a payment method, whereby only those available in your country are displayed. If you click on deposit limits afterwards, you will be presented with the general conditions. The same minimum amount applies to all options. The upper limit, on the other hand, can vary – depending on which deposit method you prefer.

Almost all systems allow you to deposit money in real time. As soon as the desired amount is confirmed, you can start playing for real winnings. Exceptions prove the rule, and it is up to you whether you want to forego waiting times or not.

Of course, it is not up to us which of the offered payment methods you choose. At the end of the day, you have the free choice. For orientation, you can keep an eye on the limits, because all options allow sums up to 1,000€.

In any case, keep in mind that not all 888slots deposit options are available for winnings withdrawal. In these cases, the bank transfer takes effect for the withdrawal, which ultimately takes significantly more time than the other methods.

As usual, deposits require registration. You can register at 888slots within a few minutes. Once you have clicked the confirmation link in the email, you can officially use all games and log in at any time with the selected data. Then, of course, deposits are always possible.


For a complete layman, it might be difficult to understand the provider’s payout policy. While you are provided with plenty of information, it is a bit too complex for inexperienced players to call it easy to understand. How good that our editors have extensively checked this area.

The good news first: Many of the deposit methods offered at 888slots can also be used to withdraw winnings. However, the company reserves a monthly limit of 30,000 euros. In addition, the verification of your personal data must have taken place.

The following payment methods are available for withdrawal here:

  • Bank transfer
  • Trustly
  • MuchBetter

With the exception of bank transfer, winnings withdrawals work relatively quickly. The company reserves the right to process the requested transactions for a few days. Once you are a Gold member, the processing is immediate. Thus, crediting your wallet or specified checking account should not take too long.

The limit for withdrawals depends on the method you choose. Limits can be taken out as long as all verifications are done. VIP members usually have a better standing. So, in the long run, according to our expert knowledge, it is all the more worthwhile to choose the provider that has won success.

4.) The customer service

Most questions are superfluous, because at 888slots you can expect a very extensive and first-class sorted FAQ section. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for new players to locate the contact information at this provider.

If you click on “Contact”, you will initially only be offered a form on the website that can be filled out in a few simple steps. However, there are of course more ways to contact the company’s support.

The fact that the 888slots customer service is active for its players around the clock is worth highlighting. So, even at night and on weekends, you can send your concerns to the team, and fast and competent help is a matter of course.

The following contact options are available for you to choose from:

  1. Phone: players from Germany can reach the support team at the toll-free number 0800-180-0799.
  2. E-mail: There are two options in this case. Either you fill out the aforementioned form, or you write a classic e-mail to Kontakt@888.de.
  3. Live Chat: Of course, in such a renowned company, the live chat must not be missing. Although the employees are not all German-speaking, questions, problems and concerns can be clarified quite quickly.

As always, our editors have dealt intensively with the topic of customer support and, above all, friendliness. In essence, it was about checking the competence of the employees who work behind the scenes. In fact, we were able to fully convince them in all areas. This is especially true for the patience, because the friendly team always has an answer even to seemingly unnecessary questions.

In the course of our test series, questions were asked on various topics – including registration, bonus promotions, conditions and payment methods. Not only did the answers follow promptly, but we could also see the expertise.

How extensively the employees were trained was shown again and again in the endurance test. In the end, it only takes a few minutes to clarify all topics. So nothing more stands in the way of carefree gaming fun.

5.) The website

888slots is a rather minimalist company in the slot industry. Although the website has been restructured, whoever wants to play here can still expect a very simple concept. The site looks small and clear, the game sections have been centered.

Few main sections are offered at 888slots – the main focus is on modern and classic slots. In between you will find the newly introduced Merkur games. As of the cut-off date of 15.10.2020, which applies in Germany, games will only be played with real money. However, as already mentioned, the risk is more than manageable.

888slots is a company that currently only offers slot machines in Germany.

As the savemoneyworldwide.com editorial team, we naturally want to focus primarily on the 888slots website and the games and bonuses offered. All other test areas can be specifically read here without having to search for information for a long time.

For some time now, the company no longer works exclusively with its in-house Cassava software, but some partners have been added.

As a result, the 888slots game offer has grown a bit. However, the website is still very clear. As far as the structure is concerned, 888slots relies on its own concept. We have not been able to find similar providers so far. The recognition value is therefore enormous.

The fact that several hundred slot machines are now available in the portfolio is only noticeable upon closer inspection after registration – precisely because the provider’s structure has been designed very clearly.

For beginners, this website is of course ideal, because it can hardly be made easier for players to get started. As soon as you have decided to register, the provider leads you to the actual game page – the lobby and thus the core of the slots and scratch cards. Here you can now save your favorites at the top, deposit money and find out about further details of your membership.

The overview is very good, so our experts can recommend 888slots to you even if you have little experience in the e-gaming sector so far.

We like the concept of the new homepage much better than it was a few years ago. Here you get the opportunity to find out about VIP programs, games, promotions and the like.

What is completely new about the 888slots website is that a detailed description is provided for all of the company’s slot machines. However, this is by far not the only info that 888 provides to its customers. The provider’s blog is filled to the brim with instructions, tips and tricks, and information about new bonus offers.

Of course, it is at least as important that there are many details about the group. 888 makes no secret about the operators, the company headquarters and licenses. At this point, we will take a look at the website that awaits you before you start playing. This one really has a pleasant design. Under the product links you will find a large preview image that shows you the current best offer.

It would certainly be desirable to make a few changes here as well, so that guests without an account can, in the best case, get an even deeper insight into the versatile gaming possibilities. Until then, the only thing left to do is to register without any obligation – which, according to our expert assessment, even has its advantages.

888 is a company that differs from its competitors in many ways. This is probably the secret of its success, as the group has been celebrating huge successes in Europe for many years now. So far, the provider has been able to convince us in various points. Of course, our editors also took a closer look at the loading times and performance.

888slots is well structured and does without unnecessary “bells and whistles”, as they say. This in turn has a positive effect on the loading times. Slots start in seconds, and above all, you are spared interruptions if you have a stable internet connection.

Even on the move, 888slots delivers top results. Using the example of the slot machine “Ultimate Universe”, we were able to collect the facts about the loading times. Loading the game took barely 20 seconds.

The new design of the homepage is really first-class. The only thing missing is that the slots here can be used directly – and in the best case even without prior registration. At times, the responsible parties have refrained from this and continue to lead you to the old concept. As we find, this is exactly a bit of a pity. You can see right away that 888 is already an old hand in the industry, and one that would benefit from a little more “design”.

6.) The 888slots app

In terms of mobile gaming, 888slots is up to date. The detailed information on the subject can be rated particularly positively, because on the website you can find everything you need to know about installing the corresponding 888slots mobile apps. In addition, there is a first insight into the game selection here.

The app download as such is possible in the App Store as well as on Google Play. However, you can just as well access the mobile website, which saves you from installing it completely.

Whether you perform the app download of 888slots, this decision is left to you by the provider. If you have opted for the iOS or Android app, be sure to remember regular updates. You will be spared from these if you choose the 888slots web app.

The advantage of the apps is obvious. You can expect more stable loading times as well as a clever selection of the most popular Cassava games. On the other hand, the portfolio of the mobile website is larger. However, the performance only fits here if you have a stable internet connection – for example, via WLAN.

On the following devices 888slots is mobile usable:

  • iPhone and iPad (from iOS 6.0)
  • Devices with current Safari browser
  • iPhone 4 and higher
  • iPad 2 and higher
  • Android (4.0 and higher)
  • Chrome, Firefox browser

As a mobile user, you can take a relaxed approach. After all, the app for iOS and Android devices is free. Provided you are dissatisfied, there is always the option of uninstalling it.

All those who do not use any of the aforementioned operating systems on their smartphone or tablet will of course benefit even more from the possibility to start the 888slots game offer directly in the mobile browser. Also practical: You only need a single account to be able to take advantage of all the company’s options. A new registration for mobile gaming is therefore not necessary.

Our tip: If you prefer a large game selection, you are clearly better off with the mobile website. However, this can only work if you are connected to the Internet.

7.) The new customer bonus

The new customer bonus at 888slots Online can be seen. Those who deposit benefit from a 100% bonus up to a maximum of 200€. Those who invest at least 20€ automatically secure the 100% bonus. The bonus is subject to fair turnover requirements. The risk can therefore be described as minimal.

Of course, the bonus is also available to players who prefer to play mobile. The only requirement for this is a registration. Those who already have an 888slots account simply log in on their mobile or tablet and make a deposit.

888slots always offers its players actions and promotions. Boredom should therefore not arise in this provider. So there are almost every events with attractive winnings. You can find out which slots you can qualify with on the website. This way you will get to know new slots while playing for your winnings.

The turnover conditions that 888slots sets for you are absolutely fair. The bonus awarded must be wagered 30 times. Once this condition is fulfilled, nothing stands in the way of withdrawals.

8.) Security: how serious is 888slots?

In 1997, 888, which is operated by Cassava Enterprises Ltd, opened its doors. Since then, the company has remained largely true to its once-created concept – until now, because a few things have changed in recent months.

The focus is still on the games of the in-house Cassava software. However, there are now also various well-known Merkur games to discover.

888slots is subject to the licensing of Gibraltar. The authorities there have very strict requirements before a gambling license is granted at all. At the same time, there is constant monitoring of the offer, so you can be sure to encounter fair win and payout ratios. The fact that 888 was listed on the London Stock Exchange years ago also proves that it is a very liquid company.

In 2017, the successful company celebrated its 20th anniversary. This long time alone is proof enough of its seriousness, because unlike many black sheep, 888slots has not disappeared from the proverbial scene after just a few months.

The holding company has even managed to get itself listed on the London Stock Exchange. This alone speaks for the fact that 888slots is a very reputable company.

The licenses are also announced on the website. Currently, the company runs under the online gaming license number 022 as well as 039. The desired security is provided by the authority that has successfully regulated gambling in Gibraltar for many years.

The gambling offer as well as the win and payout rates are monitored. For this purpose, the authority constantly keeps an eye on the random number generators used. At the same time, 888 holds a license in the UK – further proof that it operates under the strictest security criteria and fair conditions.

At first glance, there is no doubt whatsoever about the security and seriousness of 888slots. Nevertheless, our editors have of course dealt with the issue more intensively and really checked all details in detail. We discovered that the provider also holds a license from a German gambling authority. The license from Schleswig-Holstein ensures that all 888slots winnings are also paid out safely. This is a fact that guarantees the seriousness of the group.

Many factors determine how reputable and reliable a gambling company is. We have gone to the bottom of these, because the first impression alone does not say much, of course. Reliable payment methods, fair odds and bonuses that are feasible to implement, for example, count towards the topic of seriousness.

Since 2006, 888 has been awarded again and again – including as Slot Operator of the Year. These awards alone clearly speak for the company. Most recently, 888 received the Gaming Intelligence Awards in 2015, whereby this ultimately also clearly underlines the innovation of the 888 brand.

All the collected facts about 888slots Online clearly show that it is a reputable company with a lot of experience that has been meeting the high demands of its players for years. With skill, the operators manage to keep customers happy in the long run.

9.) Our experience with 888slots

For our editorial team, it is a matter of course to prepare figures, data and facts. All reviews together should give you a good overview of the tested offers. Of course, this also applies to 888slots. Nevertheless, we did not miss the opportunity to share our own experiences as well. Such gather during the test of various areas virtually by itself.

The question that always arises for us: Do the facts coincide with our own experiences? In the case of the 888slots test, we can answer this question with a clear “yes”. How we come to this assessment, you can read in detail in the following sections.

This speaks for 888slots:

  • Licenses in Gibraltar, Great Britain and Schleswig-Holstein.
  • Listed on the stock exchange for many years
  • In-house software and exclusive slot machines
  • Fair odds in all categories
  • 24/7 service in German language

Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd. has been online with 888 since 1997. The subsidiary of 888 Holdings PLC has always enjoyed a first-class reputation. For many years, the company lagged a bit behind its detractors when it comes to variety and modernity. That seems to be changing now with the introduction of genuine NetEnt and Merkur games.

We’ve had various multi-brand providers under the microscope in recent years. 888 is one of the groups that clearly stands out from the crowd with its concept.

Loyalty seems to be the attribute that has led 888 to success over all these years. The operators do everything to inspire customers in the long run. But they themselves have also always remained loyal to their own software. It is this continuity that both our specialist editorial team and thousands of players like very much.

Cassava (formerly Random Logic) develops slot machines for 888slots that cannot be found anywhere else. This is a unique selling point that the operator has been very successful with for a very long time.

The portfolio that is offered to you at888slots may not be the biggest ever. Unique and special it is in any case. Meanwhile, the company celebrates its 20th anniversary and can be proud of having achieved so much within these two decades.

Customers of the first hour, they really do exist here. After all, everyone knows what they have in the slots and offers of 888slots. To combine tradition and modernity in such an ingenious way, this plan could only work out.

Transparency is also an important ingredient if you want to be and stay successful in the industry. To give you a first impression, 888slots gives you the opportunity to play various slot machines and scratch cards without much risk of betting. The only prerequisite is registration, which takes no more than a few minutes. The deposit itself is also consistently secure.

The in-house software and the associated, unique games are by far the biggest strength that 888slots has to offer. Meanwhile, new to the program are the Merkur games, which are also not available on every corner.

After the successful registration, you get the opportunity to devote yourself to the classics of the manufacturer Merkur. In the practical test, our editorial team naturally also checked the winning rates of the group. In fact, it is relatively easy to secure one or the other win with this provider. The betting risk, however, is kept within limits. Fairness has always been a top priority at 888.

If you feel like playing a few real money rounds, then the deposit is possible at any time. Depending on the selected method, the desired amount is credited automatically. After logging in, you can click directly on the “Checkout” button. For all payment methods, a minimum amount of 20 euros applies. The upper limit varies.

There is nothing lacking here, and best of all: all transactions are carried out by 888slots free of charge! There are no fees, which of course makes the decision a bit easier.

Our expert opinion is therefore: 888slots gives a reputable and top-class impression, with the in-house machines being the icing on the cake of course. You should definitely not miss out on this traditional house!

888slots FAQs

1.) Are 888slots VIP promotions worth it?

Definitely! And even more so than at many craps sites. A special feature for 888 VIP customers are local events. Especially when it comes to this, the operators come up with quite a bit. Sometimes they celebrate Christmas together, sometimes 888slots invites its most loyal customers to Miami. What more could you want? Of course, there are also plenty of VIP offers online, including the VIP daily bonus – to name just one of many examples.

2.) What is the 888slots bonus code 2020?

In short: there is none! The operators decided very early on to reward new customers with 100% starting credit and a maximum of €200 on their first day. Thus, nobody has to take a risk here and there is enough money available to explore at least some slots in the huge portfolio. The bonus is credited without any requirements. 888slots does without bonus codes completely. However, those who do not want to use a starting credit can communicate this and will then of course be exempt from the offer as well as all conditions.

3.) Is there really 88 euros no deposit credit at 888slots?

For many years, the company was able to score with its rather lush and generous free bonus of 88 euros. Now, however, it has been decided that it will no longer exist in the future. The changes came into force on September 15, 2020. This marks the end of a really popular era, from which countless new customers have benefited in recent years. Of course, there is still the possibility to secure 100% starting credit up to 200 euros – that already from a deposit amount of 20 euros.

4.) Can I play at 888 Slots Mobile?

Sure, this is also possible. The 888 web app with HTML5 offers users everything their hearts desire. All products from slots to scratch cards can be accessed in the web-based app. A download is thus no longer required, which additionally simplifies the entry. Those who want to play in-house slots or top slots from popular brands simply open the mobile browser, enter the address and can log in to 888slots Mobile with already set up credentials.

4.8 rating

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