215+ reputable casinos in our objective Online Casino Review

The following casino provider comparison gives you a detailed overview of the best online gambling providers in the industry. Of course, our report is not simply based on snapshots. Each article and review is the result of months of intensive work by our experienced editorial team.

The entire team of experts is constantly dedicated to the ten areas of comparison and intensively examines the individual providers for strengths and weaknesses in these categories, in order to be able to evaluate each casino in the best possible way as well as independently at the end.

The individual casino sites are put under the microscope in a wide variety of categories and compared directly. One focus in our online casino comparisons is on the seriousness of the companies. We pay special attention to the payouts, especially with regard to their reliability and duration.

The following applies here: one strength does not make a good online casino. Only those who show excellent performance in all 10 sub-areas make it to the top ranks in the competitive comparison of the best casino providers.

This is what readers of our test page can expect:
  • Real, objective reviews and ratings
  • Reputable online gaming operators with European license
  • The most attractive casino bonus offers
  • Everything about security in the online casino
  • A comprehensive guide to the subject
  • Expert knowledge and high professional know-how
  • Answers to the most frequently asked casino questions

The 90 best Online Casinos in October 2021

In the following table you will find the 90 best online gaming platforms. The ranking is based on the detailed product tests conducted as of October 2021. We have included test criteria such as a valid license, the range of games and the payout ratios in the evaluation. The test winners convince with reliability, exemplary customer support and fast payout of winnings. We can unreservedly recommend these online providers of slot games!>

Any casino that does not meet the minimum requirements of our very comprehensive procedure in total is not included in the ranking. We have deliberately not listed casinos with ratings well below the 80 percent mark.

However, due to the strict guidelines in the casino comparison, 100% is also almost impossible. The fact that a company may also afford weaknesses with many strengths is not only clear to experienced players. In the end, it is often not only the overall rating that is decisive for the choice of the most suitable casino, but also the personal preference of the user.

Which online casino is the best?

It is not easy to give a blanket answer as to which provider is the best. Ultimately, all casinos compared by our editorial team are recommendable. The tested online offers have many strengths with mostly only a few weaknesses.

However, according to the evaluation of all test categories, Wunderino Casino is currently the front-runner. The overall scores are well over 90%- and thus well above the average of the competition.

NetBet and Pokerstars as well as various other casino providers have also done very well in direct comparisons. You can try out all of the gambling brands listed here at any time with a clear conscience. The seriousness is confirmed by us without a doubt.

Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself which area you personally place the most value on. For example, whether games from Merkur, Novoline or other top softwares are your favorite, whether a high deposit bonus is a decision criterion for you, or whether an always accessible, competent customer service seems most important to you.

The comparison reports and rankings written by our experienced experts are an excellent decision-making aid when it comes to making sure you keep your head above water in the provider jungle.

Many of the casinos listed here differ significantly from each other in their game selection alone. Each company has its own strengths, which its customers have appreciated for many years.

Weak points, however, can be of different nature. Often it fails because of the bonus conditions, but also payment methods play a major role for many players in this context.

The Review Team also focused particularly on support. After all, nothing beats smooth, transparent communication, well-trained staff and the best customer service.

Our tip: It makes sense to read the online casino reviews in their entirety in order to form your own opinion of the providers afterwards.

Of course, it is not done with a single comparison. The editors of savemoneyworldwide.com continue to keep an eye on the casinos listed in the ranking and constantly check them in all test areas.

New providers are also put under the microscope and get a chance to convince us of their advantages and thus qualify for the casino comparison. The strict examination of the criteria in our comparison is the highest premise.

Due to the constant review of online casino providers on the market, the ranking can of course change from time to time. For example, when a site improves support, or ventures a complete relaunch, or brings other innovations that cause a rating to either rise or fall. Displacement can also happen when a strong newcomer in the industry secures its place in our casino comparison ranking.

The listing in the casino bonus overview is even more dynamic - it is worth taking a regular look at the bonus comparison page.

How we choose Online Casinos for our in depth Reviews

It makes perfect sense to look at the overall ratings to find out how good or bad the selected casino is. In order to get a holistic impression, it makes the most sense to also examine the individual categories more closely. A good service, for example, quickly makes up for weaknesses in the selection of payment methods. Nevertheless, the absence of PayPal and Co. naturally affects the percentage rating of the category.

How relevant a criterion is always depends a bit on the player. Possibly you don't care about the welcome bonus at all. For this, you prefer it when you are provided with enough roulette versions. Other users, in turn, set the standards completely different than you would. That is exactly why the final rating alone is not sufficient to get a holistic picture.

Once an online casino has met our initial basic requirements, we go into depth and apply our detailed procedure to the casino comparison in order to arrive at a representative result after a few weeks - or even months in the case of newer companies. The goal of the whole thing is to achieve an evaluation that is as factual as possible and is not based on customer opinions, but on facts.

Few industries are as changeable as that of online casinos. On the one hand, the "old hands" are doing a lot, on the other hand, new providers are increasingly conquering the market - those that are less experienced, but therefore not necessarily worse than the experienced competition.

The comparison of several companies serves as a kind of guideline, which we can also use as a wonderful guide for young online casinos. If there is news, all lists will be adjusted or expanded.

If the editors give the green light for the preselection, all staff members start to work on the details of the provider. Now it depends on whether the casino can also convince in the detailed comparison. Only then will it be included on savemoneyworldwide and placed in the right place in the ranking.

Our 9 criteria in the online casino comparison

1.) Winning odds

The odds offered in the individual games and the overall average are one of the most relevant quality features of reputable casinos. If the chances of high payouts are dwindling, then you will surely lose the fun of playing sooner or later. Moreover, low odds suggest a lack of seriousness. In the end, only the casino earns.

By the way, winning odds are not the same as payout odds. To understand: you play a Novoline slot, and for a combination of five sevens, for example, you will be paid 250 times the amount of the line bet. Here we are talking about a win rate, which varies depending on the symbol type. The payout percentage, in turn, is the part of the total casino revenue that closes back to the players in the form of winnings. On average, the RTP, as the theoretical payback is also called, should not differ from the value of 94% in any case.

These are the online casinos with the highest win rates on slots:

  • VideoSlots (average up to 97%).
  • Sunmaker (ranges between 95% and up to 99.64%)
  • 888 Slots (the payout rate is about 96.91%)

Of course, the odds alone are only part of what should be considered when choosing an online casino. Nevertheless, they play a major role, as without fair odds, hardly any winnings can be expected. In such a case, no one would probably voluntarily invest their money.

For the aforementioned reason, we have not only looked at the odds of the companies, but also at the payback ratio in general. It results from the average of all games. Anyone who is familiar with the subject knows that jackpot games in particular only have low win rates, because when a payout is made, it often involves several hundred thousand, if not millions of euros.

In connection with odds and winnings, the question arises, especially among German casino guests, what about taxes. In fact, this topic can be quickly ticked off, because: Winnings that are won in games of chance are basically tax-free. However, interest earned from them must be taxed according to the laws applicable in this country. This information is important, for example, for someone who wins a million-dollar jackpot.

By the way, the odds have a decisive influence on which stakes make sense. If the odds for a combination are quite high, then the slot can be played wonderfully with low amounts. Of course, beginners in particular do not want to risk a fortune right away and should therefore pay even more attention to whether the preferred game is even worth it from the point of view of the odds. The same goes for the theoretical payback, because who would want to just put money in without getting anything back in the end?

When it comes to the odds for classic casino games like roulette and blackjack, you can usually rely on fixed specifications. These are taken from the original from local casinos respectively from the real rulebook.

Therefore, there are no major differences between the casinos in the simple tables. Depending on the selected variant, however, small differences can be seen.

2.) Game offer

How well an online casino is rated by us always depends on its game selection, which we have reviewed from all relevant perspectives. Ultimately, the goal is to offer the widest possible selection of games. However, this must not only fit quantitatively, but above all qualitatively. And this is exactly where many providers have already failed in our intensive pre-selection.

On the one hand, it is important for an online casino to provide all conceivable game categories. The focus is usually on slots, but of course roulette, blackjack, poker and other categories are also important. After all, there are enough players who prefer classic entertainment.

The more options offered, the better. 100 and more slots are not uncommon today. That's exactly why we took a closer look at the other game categories above all. A plus point is basically when the provider has a live casino to offer. The modern form of entertainment has been experiencing a more than positive response for several years now. All the better if you as a player do not have to search for a suitable provider for a long time.

A colorful mix of many different types of games has long since become a matter of course for most casino customers. However, it is not just a matter of being presented with an extremely large number of games. It is far more important that these games also offer fair winnings - and that the graphics meet our high quality standards. In these times of innovative technologies, load locks are no longer excusable - just as little as poorly designed machines that make you lose interest after just a few minutes. Our main focus is therefore on the range of gaming options, but also on the quality.

3.) Live Casino Offers

For some time now, hardly any company can do without a live casino area. Here, the company gives you the opportunity to play against real croupiers and dealers at real gaming tables. The games are transmitted with the help of webcams - from studios rented specifically for this purpose, which look confusingly similar to a real casino.

The range of live games is also growing all the time. Whereas a few years ago, only the traditional roulette, blackjack and baccarat tables were on offer, today there is a huge selection of exciting versions of these classics.

While the selection in the live casino is not as extensive as in the virtual division, you can definitely talk about variety here as well in the meantime. As a rule, only table games are offered. The intermittent attempt to create slots live has failed miserably to date.

Our task as editors was to check online casinos for their versatility in the area of live games. Differences can be clearly seen here, because which games are available depends primarily on the provider. More and more casinos rely on the know-how of Evolution Gaming or Extreme Live Gaming, while others add NetEnt or Playtech live games to their portfolio.

These live casino games are the most popular ones:
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Poker

4.) Customer Service

It may well happen that advice is needed. Help on the subject of payments, bonus offers and Co. can usually be found in a detailed FAQ section of the provider. We assume at least that all common questions are already dealt with in detail in advance. However, if other topics are your concern, it is even more important that you are provided with reliable and, above all, competent support.

Our editorial team has dealt in detail with the support of online casinos and filtered out in small steps, how well or poorly this responds to the concerns of customers in the event of a case. This is not only about the good accessibility, but also to receive a timely response - preferably one that is technically correct and easy to understand for the layman.

Support that is not available 24 hours a day is not a direct exclusion criterion for us. In that case, however, at least all common contact options should be available - from live chat to a hotline that is as free of charge as possible.

Usually, the information on how to contact the casino is provided directly and transparently by the selected casino. However, we were not satisfied with this alone. Our team wanted to know more precisely and subjected all providers to a practical comparison.

In fact, all of the companies we listed have their headquarters in other European countries. The main language there is therefore English. We will show you in more detail in our reports how well the promised German-language support works.

5.) Online Casino Deposits

If you want to play for real winnings, then the deposit is usually inevitable. Of course, here and there there is a no deposit bonus (more on this below), but this is not the rule. Accordingly, when choosing a casino, you should be more specific about which payment methods are available.

Casinotest has checked several criteria of this area. The question is not only "How do I deposit?", but also "Do I have to pay fees?". In reputable online casinos, transactions are usually free of charge. Should this not be the case, the fee incurred will have a corresponding effect on the rating.

In our large pre-selection, we encountered a few providers that charge - albeit small - fees for the deposit. At first glance, these are not exactly sums that you think much about as a player.

However, if you deposit money more frequently, a fee will have a significant impact on your account balance. For this reason alone, savemoneyworldwide has tried to avoid such companies as much as possible. This is especially true if other criteria are also not coherent.

The following providers allow free deposits:
  • VideoSlots
  • Sunmaker
  • NetBet

6.) Online casino payouts

When it comes to payment providers for winnings payouts, it's not just about being fast and easy to use. Much more relevant is the security offered - especially for players who withdraw very large sums. The responsibility lies primarily with the service providers, as they have to encrypt all data and at the same time ensure that third parties cannot access funds.

On the other hand, casino operators are also obliged to integrate precisely such service providers into their POS systems. They should therefore convince themselves of the security in order not to gamble away the trust of the customers.

If a casino appears opaque when it comes to payouts or refuses payments with flimsy reasons, then it is time to remove it from our preselection. If our editors have any doubts, we deliberately distance ourselves from the provider. After all, the point of savemoneyworldwide is to specifically protect you, the reader, from scammers. The companies we have found have been able to dispel any doubts. Even if a payout of winnings takes longer than planned, this is no reason for us to question the seriousness of the casino.

A traditional bank transfer is the standard in every online casino. We have hardly been able to find a company that does not offer this option to its customers. However, the desire of players to offer faster alternatives has been met. Who wants to wait several banking days until a game for real money is finally possible?

The choice of alternatives was much greater a few years ago. Some companies joined forces, others were found to be of limited suitability over time and were unceremoniously removed from the casinos' cash registers. PayPal is still the number 1 when it comes to payments on the Internet. Gaming venues such as online casinos are of course no exception. In our sections, this and many other payment methods play the "main role". In doing so, we specifically address which of the tested providers offer the best options.

7.) Website and usability

The goal of every online casino should be to make the first day as pleasant as possible for players - and thus to offer inexperienced customers a good basis. The top companies in the industry rely on a simple, easy to understand website that does not cause confusion at the beginning. Clear structures and well thought-out menu navigation are a prerequisite for our editorial team. After all, if you fail at the registration stage because you simply don't know what you're looking at, you certainly won't bother clicking your way through the jungle of advertising and the like.

Especially with the structure of the game sections, a good online casino should immediately create clarity. Especially if the portfolio is very extensive, then the player expects that all areas are self-explanatory and that the usability is simple. We ourselves have tested all websites for their intuitive usability, structures and possible "stumbling blocks". We reveal our experiences in the corresponding section.

Many online casinos tend to completely restructure and redesign their website every now and then. Of course, we also keep an eye on this and inform you if the new structure results in a change in our rating.

The biggest plus point is secured by online casinos that offer mobile gaming solutions - be it a mobile website, or a suitable app that is specifically tailored to the smartphone software.

If the mobile casino convinces with good loading times and a pleasant user interface, the rating automatically goes up. Good for the companies that are still in the early days of mobile gambling. They have the opportunity, especially in the category, to use innovations and overtake the competition.

The classic cell phone was replaced by modern smartphones years ago. These devices can do much more than make a phone contact or store phone numbers. They are small high-performance computers that are predestined for virtual games of chance. It is therefore all the less surprising that more than 50% of all smartphone or tablet users who usually play in online casinos on their PC have now discovered the mobile alternative for themselves.

The games are quite easy to handle in the mobile version, because a few touches of the screen are enough to set paylines, determine a bet and spin the reels. The scheme will be immediately obvious even to laymen. Once you literally get the hang of it, it hardly matters which mobile casino you choose.

What is clear is that - regardless of whether it is a casino app or a mobile website - the range of games for smartphones as well as tablets has been narrowed down a bit. Only in this way is it possible for casinos to guarantee stable loading times and flawless graphics.

8.) Loading times & performance

How much patience do you have? Let's be honest: Hardly anyone is patient for more than 30 seconds until the website or even the preferred game is loaded. If it then also comes to jerks and delays during the game, the proverbial oven is directly off and you only have the need to look around for another online casino.

Especially when we talk about live casinos, interruptions are frustrating. Players who invest a lot of money would assume a deliberate scam at this point at the latest. After all, we are so technologically advanced in Europe that fast loading times and error-free game play should actually be a matter of course. Our editorial team has made the endurance test and put the casinos in question properly to the test. We will explain the results and our assessment in detail in this section - of course, always with a look at the mobile website or app of the provider.

9.) Welcome bonus

We love gifts! You certainly do, too, but the new customer section is primarily aimed at all those readers who are new to the casino. All of the providers we reviewed offer a welcome bonus, which is sometimes higher and sometimes lower. It is bad to be blinded by a high amount. It says nothing about how serious the casino really is.

The most generous welcome bonus is of no use at all if the chosen casino sets the turnover requirements at a utopian level. Our expert on gifts has therefore set to work and found out what really matters when it comes to starting credit at the casino. One thing is already clear: The sum as such is secondary. It is much more important that the provider's provisions can be met at all. Both factors together flow into the evaluation at the end of the casino comparisons.

And these are the criteria according to which we evaluate a casino bonus offer:

  1. 1,000 euros on the first deposit - that sounds like music to your ears? Understandable! But what if it is only a 10% welcome bonus? The percentage comes first in our comparison. 100% is today's standard. However, many companies entice new customers with odds that are significantly higher. With that, these casinos in particular deserve a plus point, because generosity really starts with the percentage that is "donated" as a welcome bonus.
  2. 200% bonus also sounds appealing. Who is going to complain if they deposit €10 and can then play with €30? Here, however, it is crucial when exactly the limit is reached. So the amount of the starting balance definitely plays a role. With 10€ as a bonus, no one gets far. 100€ is already much better. Our tables show you how drastic the differences between online casinos are.
  3. "Wager your bonus plus your own deposit 50 times". This standard sentence can be found in almost all T&Cs on the subject of welcome offers. However, there are even more drastic differences in the turnover requirements than in the amount of the bonus. Some casinos require that only the bonus balance is turned over, at others the rule also applies to the player's own capital. Between 12 times and 50 times we have seen everything in our procedure.
  4. Which games are eligible for turnover? This question should be answered by the T&Cs or FAQ of the online casino before you start playing. The reason: If you do not adhere to the conditions, you must expect a withdrawal of the bonus credit. Winnings earned up to that point are then of course also gone, as they are only released after fulfilling the conditions. More and more casinos allow players to convert part of the bonus amount at tables such as roulette or poker. However, the crediting is usually not very effective. Other companies exclude classics completely.

In general, we recommend not to focus too much on the bonus offer, but to consider just the remaining criteria. Regardless, the promotions change regularly anyway. The good news is that even regular customers can definitely benefit from bonus payments, promotions and actions.

New Casinos
5.0 rating
Bonus up to 200€ + 200 free spins
4.5 rating
Bonus up to €120 + 120 free spins
4.5 rating
Deposit $50, play with $100 + 50 Free Spins + Daily Gifts
4.5 rating
1.000€ BONUS + 50 FREE SPINS
3.8 rating
100% welcome bonus up to €100